The Bar and Some (Cheap) Coasters

July 2, 2013


We’re not big drinkers in our house so a bar isn’t something we really need.  However,  we do like to entertain and when we do I wanted to have an area I could set up with some wine or a mix of cocktails where our guest could help themselves.  My rule is I’ll get you your first drink but after that you’re on your own!

This is an area in our living room that I set up with just a small console table that can be filled with pretties and books when we’re not entertaining.  (Tip:  Use a piece of regular furniture for your bar instead of a traditional rolling cart.)


I have some vintage pieces below for ice and snacks and on top I have a wine opener and some coasters.  I made the coasters myself for about $1.00 a piece.

I bought some wooden circle plaques from Hobby Lobby.  (Obviously using the 40% off coupon.)

hobby lobby

I sprayed the wood black and than decided it needed a little pattern.  I googled black ikat pattern and found this.

laurie jones home

I simply printed it off and traced it to the shape of the coaster and applied some modge podge over it.

modge podge

bar coaster

I love that I have something original and that I didn’t have to spend a lot of money to get it!


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