The Holiday Weekend

July 9, 2013

front porch fourth of july

Hey everyone!!  I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things after having a super fun and relaxing holiday weekend, how about you did you have fun?  Was it hard to go back to work?

front porch fourth of july

I was so excited to get out the bunting this year, since last year I was just too tired, sick and pregnant to bother with it.

holiday porch

I’ll tell ya I’m getting pretty good at nap time decorating!  Maybe I should do a series on it!

My daughter Sloan who just turned 15 ditched us to go to her friend’s lake house for the weekend (I would of ditched us too) so it was just Drew, Cooper and I for Cooper’s First Fourth of July.

As much as my daughter loves to do fun things with her friends she’s always a little worried she might miss out on something fun that we’re doing while she’s gone and for years whenever she asks us what we’re doing we always tell her eating cotton candy and riding ponies.

laurie jones home

So when we went to the Carmel Festival we couldn’t pass up on the photo opportunity, even if Drew doesn’t like cotton candy and Cooper’s still too little to try it! (I will admit I freakin’ love cotton candy, it’s a guilty pleasure along with circus peanuts, so I took one for the team and finished the cotton candy after the photo!)

We had a nice leisurely day and ended the day watching fireworks from our front porch.  The next day we went downtown Indianapolis and went to this…

indianapolis food truck

It was a perfect evening, the weather was beautiful and apparently we weren’t the only ones who thought going to the festival was a good idea.

indianapolis food truck

There were lots and lots of trucks to chose from but honestly we just chose the one with the shortest line and luckily it worked out great!  While waiting for our dinner I may have snacked inhaled on some nachos and sipped  gulped some summer shandy!



Cooper cannot wait until next year when he can eat real food and stay up later than 8:00 p.m.!!


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