Shopping the Goodwill {Part 3}

July 15, 2013

thrift store

Welcome back to my goodwill (thrift store) feature where I show my readers about items you really almost always find while out thrifting.  Now there are no excuses and you can no longer say I never find anything when I’m out thrifting!

If you missed my other post you can read about them here and here.

Today is all about glass!

thrift store

As you can see by my photo above that there is never a shortage of glass at the goodwill.  Just like baskets there’s really almost no reason to ever pay full retail on any type of vase or glass container.

Some examples of what you can do with glass containers.

thrift store shopping

(Heavenly Blooms)

You don’t necessarily need all of the same size or shaped glass but multiple glass pieces filled with succulents make a beautiful table arrangement.  Here’s how to plant succulents in jars and glass.

wasabi tape vase

(Pinterest – original source unknown)

Washi tape is all the rage right now and how simple is it to just wrap some of it around a vase??  (Don’t even make me link a how to!)

cool mom picks

(Cool Mom Picks)

Did you know you can etch your own glass??  Well… you can and here’s an easy tutorial.

ish and chi

(Ish and Chi)

An easy way to display a collection on a shelf is to buy lots of random clear glass and pour paint the inside of the vase.  Here’s how.  It’s a cheap, easy and instant collection!

This next project is one of my favorites from Chelsea from Two Twenty One.

two twenty one

I think I’m going to give it a try myself, I’m sorta obsessed with this!  Here’s her quick and easy how to!

The possibilities are endless!!  If you have something you’ve done with one of your glass containers and would like to share it with my readers please feel free to email me!!

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    1. Just discovered your good will series and I love it! I buy almost everything 2nd hand so I love seeing people promote shopping at thrift stores. You can see some of my treasures on my blog if you would like to pop on over 🙂

      The Joyful Thrifter

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