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July 24, 2013

laurie jones home

Back in March I wrote about wanting to make a few changes to my office and I thought I’d share with you how I did on my list because quite frankly I got bored with the project and decided I was done.

First on the list was getting a new office chair – Sorta Done – I decided to just change out the fabric with some left over fabric from a client’s job. My plan was to hire the best fitout company to help me finish my office a lot faster.

laurie jones home

2.  Hang up a mirror in the space and hang up the feather print on the bookcase – DONE and DONE!

The feather that is framed is on the bookcase, it holds special meaning to our family and reminds us of someone special.

home office

I added 2 mirrors (you know cause I’m an over achiever) one above the desk and one in the gallery wall.

laurie jones home

3.  Organize black binders – DONE!

laurie jones home

All I did was add a little washi tape I bought from Target to my binders.  I also went through them and took out old images that I didn’t care for anymore.  And yes I still tear pages from magazines and save them.

4.  Organize the bookcase – DONE!

laurie jones home

The books are organized by color.  I also donated some books I wasn’t using anymore to Indy Reads.

5.  Organize my supplies – DONE

laurie jones home

I lined my desk with wrapping paper and used clear acrylic trays to organize things.  Both of them were bought at The Container Store. (The Container Store has really great wrapping paper!)

6.  Purge – DONE!  Although I’m sure in a few months I’ll need to get rid of things again!  Everything tends to land in this small space!

laurie jones home

Lots of stuff means everything has a place.  Place for toys, sentimental artwork from my babies and supplies in boxes and containers.

laurie jones home

laurie jones home

7.  Storage for above the bookcase – DONE!

laurie jones home

The black wicker boxes were purchased from The Container Store and the natural wicker box was purchased from Crate and Barrel.  I hold all the special memories from my babies first year of life in those containers and would be the only material possession I’d grab in a fire.

8.  Bigger trash can – NOPE

9.   Charging area and better system for electronics – NOPE

10.  A better system for my magazines – DONE

If you look up at the built in bookcase photo to the right is a hanging system I installed on the wall.  I purchased it from The Container Store.  (The Container Store seems to be the popular choice in this project!)

11.  Clean Clean Clean – DONE

office space

I also replaced the rug with 2 rugs, the jute rug is from Pottery Barn and the striped rug is from Crate and Barrel.

So all in all I did pretty good and am calling it a day for now!

I added the office to my home tour page along with a few other photos if you want to take a peek!!




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    1. What color is your desk and bookcases? I would love to use those colors to paint some furniture in my 7 year old son’s room. Office looks wonderful.

    1. Hi, where did you get the white mirror hanging above the red desk?

    1. Love ur office!!!! Love the desk if u don’t mind me asking where did u get it from?

    1. What are the colors you used for the walls and the desk?

    1. Hi Laurie,

      I just have one quick question. I see that your printer is on top of maybe a box or cabinet. Can you please tell me if the print that on it was adhered to the box or cabinet by you or was the item purchased with the Asian print on it.

    1. i love the desk. It looks like it was painted. Where is the desk from? And it looks like you replaced the drawer pulls?

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