H&M Home Collection

August 5, 2013

H&M home collection

I’m a fan of H&M for many reasons, my teenage daughter loves it, I buy clothes for my 9 month old son and I really like their jewelry (all of these are fashionable and well…cheap) so it makes my heart happy to finally see the launch of H&M home collection.

I spent some time this weekend perusing their online store and was pretty impressed, there’s a lot of merchandise and the prices are crazy good.  I almost feel like the line was made specifically for me…I have this tendency to be drawn to dark and edgy items but I also love botanicals, natural and pretty elements.  I’m the Sybil of the decorating world!

I am sometimes a little all over the place in my decorating decisions but I feel like if you pick items you love they’ll work together!

I put together some boards of some items I really liked!

h&m home collection




So what do you think of the line? Are you a fan of the H&M Home Collection?

Speaking of being a fan….are you a fan of the new blog site I’ve been working on?  There’s still a few more changed in the works but I hope you like what you’re seeing so far!  My sweet and awesome husband and I have been working super hard to launch the new site Laurie Jones Home!!


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