The Fire Pit {A Quick and Easy Spruce Up}

August 7, 2013

fire pit

before and after fire pit

I’m embarrassed to show you what the fire pit looked like at the end of last summer.  We had a massive heat wave and our furniture was completely damaged by the blazing sun.  (I won’t even talk about what the birds did to the chairs!)  Sadly, we didn’t even get to use the fire pit last summer because of the burn ban.

This summer has really been really beautiful and we’ve been able to use this area of our backyard a lot more.  Of course using it meant having to do a little paint job on it first!

We painted the furniture the same color as the rest of the outdoor furniture.  (Here’s a decorating tip for you…if you want to get a project done schedule a party, we banged this one out in no time under with our party deadline looming in front of us!!)

fire pit

I also spray painted the actually fire pit with this.  I don’t mess around with fire.

outdoor entertaining

Some people make s’mores, today we did adult beverages!  Remember this?  Yea well we went on vacation for a week and when we came back my flowers sadly didn’t make it so for the rest of the summer season I’m using the bundt cake planter as a beverage holder!

fire pit

The key to backyard design is consistency, I used the same color paint ( Spice and Broadway by Behr) and used pillows in coordinating patterns throughout the yard.

fire pit

This part of the yard is one of my daughter’s favorite areas of the backyard, probably because it’s a bit farther away and a good place for her and her friends to hang out without us uncool parents lurching around!  I’m all about making your home a place your children and their friends like to hang out at!

fire pit

The lanterns on the tables were from Big Lots and I actually used them on my front porch for Christmas last year.  (Which happened to be one of my most pinned images on Pinterest to date!)  They’re great, they give off just enough light.  We also fill the torches with this, it really helps keep the bugs away!


An evening shot of the fire pit area.  Notice the lanterns in the tree!  I love unexpected touches!

I think this is the end of our summer projects, I seriously cannot believe my daughter starts school next week and another summer has come and gone!  If you like to see some of the other changes we made this summer please check out these posts!

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I can’t wait to finish up the landscaping next year!  The backyard is always a work in progress!  Am I the only one who enjoys the process as much as the final result!!

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    1. Love this! It’s awesome to use what you have to give something a fresh look rather than wasting money to buy a whole new patio set!

    1. This looks great! I love the color scheme. We are starting a fire pit area like this for us and our teens to enjoy with their friends. I am looking for chairs like yours. Could you tell me where you found them?

    1. The chairs are from World Market, they were a great price and we’ve owned them for about 4 years now but if I had to do it over again I’d probably invest in something a little better made, painting them helped a ton though and I think we’ll be good for a few more years! Hope this helps!

    1. Would love to stick a fire pit out the back of my home! Love what you’ve done with it!

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