Moving the Furniture {Tip of the Week}

August 9, 2013

moving the furniture

One of the easiest ways to change things up around the house is moving the furniture.  Ever since I was a little girl I can remember getting totally excited when I came home from school and my mom had moved the furniture around.  Once I became a teenager there were many nights that my dad would come into my bedroom not to yell at me to get off the phone because it was late but because I was moving the furniture in my bedroom and keeping everyone up.  (I’m still a night owl!)

This week I got the urge to move my console table yet again.  It originally started out in the kitchen…

moving furniture around

Then it ended up in the living room against the wall and I used it as a bar


This week I moved the table behind the couch and moved my animal print chair where the table used to be.

moving the furniture

I didn’t even move anything around on the table, I kept it the same and just slid the table over.

moving the furniture

Seriously this is my favorite plant in the house!  I’m obsessed with it and I’m pretty sure I can’t kill it!

console table

I was afraid the table was going to be too big for behind the couch but it turns out it worked out great!  Don’t be afraid to move things around, seriously if it doesn’t work so what!  Decorating should be fun and easy and moving the furniture around is about as easy (and cheap) as decorating goes!  If you need some help getting going here’s some tips on arranging your furniture!

Have a great weekend!!!  Remember to check in with me on instagram, I can’t wait to take pictures of Sloan and Cooper and share them with you all!!  I’m also going to try and soak in as much relaxation as I can since Sloan is headed back to school on Monday!  See ya all on Monday!!


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    1. I love it behind the sofa…and I am pretty sure you can’t kill that plant either….although I did not know you could grow it in water like that! I have one in a pot and I hardly ever water it.

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