Ten Months!! {Double Digits}

August 15, 2013

laurie jones home

Cooper is 10 months old today and this photo cannot explain this stinker any better!  He is mobile!  Boy is he mobile from the time he gets up until he goes to bed he has so much to do!  He was having nothing to do with sitting in his chair and decided to do his typical dive forward move!

He was sick last month with a sore throat and now a cold and lets not forget some major teething so he actually lost half a pound and is under the 19 pound mark again, but has gotten longer.  You might be able to tell his face is thinning out and he’s looking more and more like a toddler. (Boo!!!)  I would of thought he would’ve gained a few pounds this month because seriously this baby can eat, eat, eat!!  There is nothing he won’t try and currently his favorite things to eat are mini pancakes and mini cheese puffs, but seriously he’s is the easiest and most independent eater I’ve ever seen!!

laurie jones home

Cooper 1 – 3 months old

Cooper is a little bit quiet when meeting new people and still a little stingy with the smiles but when he is with Drew, Sloan and I he never ever stops talking and never stops smiling.  He probably says hi at least 500 times a day and of course follows up with the backward wave.  (I mean whose heart doesn’t melt with the backward hello!?)  When he cries it sounds like he is saying mama and when he is happy he says dada and he also says ya ya (which is what we call grandma Kris!).

laurie jones home

Cooper 4 – 6 months

He still only has 2 teeth but there have been some miserable teething days for him and I’m hoping he’ll get some relief soon.  He still hasn’t pulled himself up yet but just yesterday morning he was squatting and attempting to stand up in his crib.

He is down to 2 naps a day but has started going to bed around 8:00 p.m. and honestly I’m ready for bed myself!  He is so curious and picks up everything and has this obsession with electrical cords.  I run around the house sweeping the floors to make sure there is nothing he can pick up and hiding the cords or just unplugging them and putting them up high where he can’t reach them.  We’ve finally hit the moment in his life where you cannot turn your head for a second.

laurie jones home

Cooper 7 -9 months

I’m happy that as curious and mobile he is he still loves snuggling in the morning, reading books at night and giving sloppy open mouth kisses!  Seriously I’m one blessed momma!!

laurie jones home

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