The Kitchen Island Makeover (Trash to Treasure!)

August 16, 2013

kitchen island makeover

before and after kitchen island makeover

I’m so excited to show you my kitchen island makeover!!  On Monday I wrote about the kitchen island I found (you know on the side of the road).  In case you missed it this is what it looked like when I picked it up and threw it in my car.

kitchen island makeover

If you noticed it’s pretty grimy and the bottom was buckled from water damage.

My best tool?  Bleach and more bleach.  It took 2 days and wiped the whole thing down about 4 times each day with hot water and bleach.  It was probably overkill but I wasn’t in a hurry to start the project so when I was in the kitchen doing something I’d clean the kitchen island from top to bottom.

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kitchen island

After I cleaned the kitchen island I took off the hardware and scrubbed it down.  I also sanded the piece.  The top part of the island is real wood (it’s cheap but real) so I sanded it pretty good, but the rest is laminate so I just roughed up the laminate a little bit so the primer would grip to it better.  I painted all but the top of the kitchen island with kilz interior latex primer.

kitchen island makeover

I didn’t replace the hardware (I did add a hook) and  decided to paint the hardware on the island an oil bronze color.  I even sprayed the silver baskets an oil bronze.  I used valspar oil bronze metallic spray paint.  The valspar metallic spray paint line is probably my favorite metallic brand so far!  It goes on super easy, usually only one coat and looks very realistic and not like it’s been spray painted.

laurie jones home

The base of my kitchen island makeover is the from the Pantone Color line at Lowes.  I simply bought an already mixed paint sample.  The color is mountain smoke * 449541 and is in a satin finish.  This is a great way to save money when you are painting a small piece, using a paint sample, they can also mix you a small custom color too!  The paint for this project was only $2.98 and I still didn’t use it all!

kitchen island makeover

I decided to stain the top of the kitchen island.  I already had the stain and a little goes a long way,  8 0z is less than $5.00.  I used Rust-Oleum’s Wood Stain in kona.  The stain dries in less than an hour.  I applied 2 coats and in between coats I wiped the surface down and lightly sanded it.  When the top was completely dry I applied one coat of polyurethane.

laurie jones home

This was probably one of the cheapest makeovers I have ever completed.  I am super proud of the kitchen island makeover!!   I will say I did spend $19.99 on a cutting board that I decided to use to replace the bottom piece of wood that was warped but really I’m sorta obsessed with pretty cutting boards so I almost feel like I can’t count that expense!

You can also see some great kitchen island makeovers here.

laurie jones home

I think this was just the thing I needed to get started sprucing up our kitchen.  I love the color of my kitchen island and think it will look great on our bottom cabinets.  Who would of thought what someone thought was a piece of trash could of inspired this fun kitchen island makeover which in turn inspired a whole direction for my kitchen which has been in a holding pattern for years now!

laurie jones home

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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    1. What a makeover – looks amazing. I am now following you on Bloglovin. Great tips on paint. If you get a minute stop by Deliciously Inspred for a visit.

    1. LOVE this trash to treasure project, Laurie!! The colors are great and the hardware tops it off…What a great way to add storage and style at the same time (;

      In Gratitude,
      The Homesteading Cottage

    1. I have this same island in my kitchen – purchased from WalMart…I like what you did with it!!!

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