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August 21, 2013

home office

home officehome officeToday I’m blogging about my home office and specifically breaking down where I bought all the stuff that’s in my little space!

home office

I’m sure if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you’ve noticed some changes, specifically to the design of the blog.  The blog has always been a bit of a hobby for me but after I had my son I decided to scale back on my other jobs and to focus more on the blog aspect of my work. (I still do design consultations but I’ll dedicate a post to that on a later date.)

I’ve been working on my home tour page and trying to give you all as many details as I can so please bear with me because there may be some duplicate posts so I can add information (that I may have left out) like today when I talk about where my items from where the office comes from.  I’m doing this because I’ve gotten at least 10 emails this week asking where I’ve bought certain items, so I’m going to assume an image got pinned on pinterest.

If I’ve added a link it means the item is still available if not it’s probably because the items is too old or is from a thrift or antique store.

The Safety Red  (Sherwin Williams) Desk is from an auction I went to.  I sprayed the hardware silver.

The Loyal Blue (Sherwin Williams) Campaigner Bookshelves were $110.00 and I got it from a local 2nd hand furniture store in Indianapolis.

Red laquered box on bookshelf – Home Goods

Ceramic owl on bookshelf – Anthropologie

Wicker magazine holders – Ikea

Assorted silver frames – Pottery Barn & Target

Sisal rug – Pottery Barn.

Striped rug – Crate and Barrel.

Black woven boxes on top of the bookshelves – The Container Store

Natural woven box on top of bookshelf – Crate and Barrel

Lighting on bookshelves – Ikea

I made the curtains from sheets from Walmart.  They were no sew, the back was fused with white fabric and I put grommets in the corners and folded them in half and hooked them through the hook.

laurie jones home

White mirror over desk – Home Goods

Black Desk Chair – JcPenny (Black and white dotted fabric was purchased in discontinued bin at JoAnn’s)

Ralph Lauren Blue and White Lamp – Marshall’s

Ampersand Print – Goodwill (Orginally from Target though.)

The brass figurines – Target

Whiteware on desk – Goodwill

Bullentin Board – The boards were purchased at the Goodwill outlet and made over with fabric and nail heads.   I got the fabric from the remnant bin at JoAnn’s and the nail heads were ordered from Ebay. You can read about it here.

Black wicker mirror – Goodwill

File cabinet is called a Helmer – Ikea (You can read about it’s transformation here.)

Artwork -Mainly sentimental and made by family but the frames were purchased at Pottery Barn.

laurie jones home

From top to bottom of the shelves…

The large white ceramic owl is Jonathan Adler.

The brown and orange owl is vintage and was my grandma’s.

The small white and gold owl is from Pottery Barn.

The black and white chevron is from Missoni’s line from Target.

The wooden bowl is from Midland Antique Mall.

The glass containers that hold my favorite Prismacolor art markers and pencils are from Target.

The white ceramic squirrel is from Jonathan Adler.

The black stockholm photo storage boxes are from The Container Store.  I made the chevron templates myself you can read about it here.

The stainless steel boxes are from Ikea and I added chalkboard labels on them that I purchased from World Market.

The round stainless steel round containers are also from Ikea.

The large natural leaf basket toy holder is from Target.

The illuzine magazine rack is from The Container Store.

The Rody (: is from The Mass Ave. Toy Store.

All the bottom items on the shelf is made from my daughter throughout the years and is obviously is my favorite shelf in the whole house!

So I hope you enjoyed the breakdown of my home office and if I’ve missed something please feel free to let me know and I’ll add it!  Thank you to everyone who comes to visit and take the time to comment and email everyday!!

If you’d like more (like 84 more) home office inspiration click here!!

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    1. Oh, I love your red desk! It looks spectacular on that black wall! I have had an ugly wooden desk for so long that I couldn’t decided what color to paint. Red is it! Found you on Pintrest, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Laurie, Your office is fantastic. I love the mix that you did. I had a hard time finding your blog because your web page is not listed in your profile. I love your blog!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and thanks for letting me know my blog wasn’t listed on my profile, I’ve been doing some changes to my blog and haven’t worked out all the kinks! The feeling is mutual because I’ve been a fan of yours foreverrrr!

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