Snakeskin Duct Tape Tray

September 9, 2013

laurie jones home

Before I show off Sloan’s bedroom reveal I thought I’d break down some of the projects I have completed in her bedroom.  Today I’m showing off the snakeskin duct tape tray I did for the top of her bookcase.

I picked up the snakeskin duct tape at Home Depot over a month ago because quite frankly I thought it was pretty (also it was only $3.37)!  At the time I didn’t have a plan on what I was going to do with it.

snakeskin duct tape

I decided to use the snakeskin duct tape on a small pink tray in Sloan’s bedroom that I picked up from Ikea for probably a couple of bucks years ago.  (They no longer carry it but obviously you can use it on any tray or quite frankly anything!)

laurie jones home

(Remember to group similar collections together for a bigger impact with your collections.)

What was so great about this duct tape is that it’s very forgiving.  Seriously all I did was cut the tape and press it on the tray.  I didn’t have to match up the pattern and you can’t even tell that I didn’t.  I really don’t think it gets any easier!

laurie jones home

Who knew duct tape could make a tray look more expensive??  I love how this project turned out and ended up using the tape in another part of Sloan’s room.  Seriously I may end up duct taping my entire house!

snakeskin duct tape tray

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We had a busy but fun weekend and enjoyed the warm weather by just hanging out in the backyard and going to our local farmer’s market.  I also finished Sloan’s bedroom and am excited to show you the full reveal later this week!

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    1. So…. I totally thought it was REAL. You did a fantastic job on this!

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