Expedit Bookcase and the Teenage Girl

September 10, 2013

expedit bookcase

The expedit bookcase in Sloan’s room is really the work horse of her room and holds so much more than just her books. As I was putting together Sloan’s bedroom post it quickly became clear the post would be way too long with way too many photos if I only did one post so I decided to post a section of her room each day.

Today I’m talking about the area that houses her expedit bookcase.  Sloan is a reader.  I bought her a Kindle a few years ago and she uses it a lot but she is still a huge fan of an actual book.  She is different then I am in the fact that she can read a book over and over again.  Some of my favorite conversations with her is about the books she’s read.

expedit bookcase

Honestly, Sloan isn’t the neatest gal in the world but she does keep her books in order and she asked for some storage containers to hold her smaller paperback books in so her bookcase didn’t look too messy.  I was happy to oblige!  I purchased 4 knipsa’s baskets from Ikea and spread them throughout the bookcase.

I finally hung her guitar, seriously I bought the guitar holder two years ago and am just now putting it up and seriously it took me like 5 minutes to do it.  I also replaced her old Ikea dresser.  Sloan requested less white Ikea furniture and more actual wood in her room.

The art wall hasn’t changed.  Sloan is also a fan of art.  The Keep On print is so old and she prides herself on having it before everyone else did.  The watercolor above it was painted by her aunt, the owl in the middle was made for her by one of her close friends and the flower painting next to it to the right was painted by her when she was little.

expedit bookcase

Displaying pretty jewelry adds a little sparkle to the room and it also holds a special memory, this necklace was worn by my daughter to her first high school dance.

The snakeskin tray I wrote about yesterday, that holds her owl collection is also on the expedit bookcase.

laurie jones home

Once your kids get to be a certain age you’re not really in control of the design of their room so it’s important to display the things that mean something to them.  Kids love their stuff so find a neat way to show it off for them.  Teach them how to honor their memories!

expedit bookcase

I really feel like this room really represents my daughter’s style and I’m looking forward to showing off her space this week!

expedit bookcase

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