Eleven Months (Seriously I’m Not Ready!)

September 17, 2013

eleven months

Cooper turned eleven months old this last Sunday.  Another month that has flown by at record speed.  All I can say about this baby boy is he is busy!  I love how curious he is and I love watching him discover the world in front of him.

eleven months

He has only gained a few ounces since he turned 9 months old but has grown 3 inches.  He is wearing 12 months old clothes but there is still room to grow.  He is wearing a size 3 shoe and a size 3 diaper.  He is losing his baby chub and it makes me a little sad.  He is babbling a lot and learning new things everyday.  He has 3 teeth now, the bottom two and the top right tooth next to the front teeth, that haven’t come in, he’s my half vampire!

eleven months

He can wave hello, can say hi and dada, can give high five’s and almost blow kisses (he puts his hand on his head instead of his lips)!  He has started pulling himself up and when I come to get him out of his crib he is standing up excited to see me.  We’re also super lucky that he loves his crib, he plays for a bit when I put him down for the night for about 10 minutes before falling asleep and will play for about 20 minutes in the morning before I come and get him.  I love hearing him talk to himself.  He takes 2 good naps and sometimes if he’s been playing extra hard he’ll take a 3rd nap but I’ve started putting him to bed a little earlier between 8 and 8:30.

eleven months

(I couldn’t resist and had to post 2 photos in the chair this month, this is the true Coop!)

His favorite toys are anything with wheels or anything that can be banged together.  His favorite toy at the moment is a fisher price helicopter.  He is still eating a little bit of baby food but really prefers big people food.  He can put the food away and loves everything we give him.  He is still nursing and I can tell he’s starting to lose interest in nursing during the day but he is still very attached to nursing when he first wakes up and when he goes to bed (which happen to be my favorite times of the day).

eleven months

I’m excited to share his first birthday next month with family and friends but am so sad that the year will soon be over.  If only my age and my history wasn’t such a problem I’d have 3-4 more kids!  (It’s not happening, no one get any ideas!)  This has seriously been one of the best years of my life!!

You can see last month’s photo, along with all the other months if you click here.

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    1. OMG, that face! You are so lucky that he is so content. I hope he doesn’t figure out how to climb out of the crib any time soon. You can tell by looking at him, he’s figuring it all out.

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