Master Bathroom Design Plan

September 19, 2013

master bathroom

The master bathroom is currently one of the ugliest rooms in my house.  Unfortunately gutting it is not in the budget, fortunately everything is beige except our cabinets which are blue.  Yeaaaa I said it blue, who picks blue cabinets right?

I’ve come to terms as much as I love lots of colors in other people’s homes and have even used some color throughout my home (like my office), bright colors aren’t really for me.  I get tired of the design super quick and  I always revert back to beige, gray and off white.  I do like to incorporate blue, green and orange but they are always small accent colors and they all tend to be colors that are closest to the colors found in nature.

Before I get going on a space I always like to brainstorm a design plan and the master bathroom is no exception.  It’s only a jumping off point because I tend to never follow directions or instructions (even my own!)

master bathroom

You know how they say you should shop lots of stores when you design a room?  Well guess what?  I totally broke that rule.  Not only did I pretty much only shop one store (Target) I only shopped one designer (Nate Berkus).  That’s not the complete truth, the paint is from Restoration Hardware and the knobs are from Lowe’s (and are crazy cheap) but the rest is Nate.  Seriously I know Nate has a boyfriend but I’m pretty sure he made his line at Target specifically for me because if there ever was a line made specifically for me it was this one!  Sorry girls and boys!

I’m excited to start this new project and I hope you’ll follow me as I do it!  I still need to pick out mirrors and lighting but I think hope this will be a pretty easy project to complete!

Below are the links to the products on the design plan for my master bathroom.


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