Pottery Barn Inspired Fall Porch

September 24, 2013

pottery barn inspired front porch

This season I decided to go with a pottery barn inspired fall porch.  It’s no secret that one of my favorite things to do is decorate my front porch.  This last weekend I decided to decorate my front porch for fall.  Unfortunately I was coming up blank on how to decorate it so I turned to my Pottery Barn catalog for a little inspiration and found this photo that I thought was super pretty!

Pottery Barn Inspired Fall Porch

You know how much this pretty porch cost??  Almost $1,500.00, not including the bike and the greenery.  I don’t know about you but I’m totally not spending $1,500.00 on fall decorations no matter how much I love fall or Pottery Barn.

Here’s the breakdown…

Wreath $99.00

Leaf garland 5′ $29.00 x 3 = $87.oo

3 large pumpkins at $39.50 = $118.50

9 small at $19.50 = $175.00

3 small metal pumpkins tins at $16.50 = $49.50

2 large metal pumpkin tins at $29.50 = $59.00

2 sets of pumpkins ornaments at $16.00 = $32.00

2 metal owls hanging from porch at $59.50 = $119.00

2 large ceramic planters at $299.00 = $598.00

1 small ceramic planter at $149.00 = $149.00

GRAND TOTAL = $1,486.00

So keep in mind my porch doesn’t look exactly like the above photo that’s why I’ve used the word “inspired.”  Also keep in mind I didn’t spend $1,500.

pottery barn inspired fall porch

I shopped my house and had a few items for the porch like the planters and the grapevine wreath.   I bought 3 strands of fall leaves from Big Lots.

pottery barn inspired fall porch

The grapevine pumpkins light up with white lights and I put LED candles in the mercury owls and hanging pumpkins.  They automatically go on when it gets dark outside.

The grapevine pumpkins were from Michaels.  The orange and green pumpkins, mercury owls (one small and one large) and the fall blanket is from Target. I’ve had the pillow for years, the orange and black one is from Walmart and the other one has to be about 6-7 years old and I’m not even sure where it’s from.

pottery barn inspired fall porch

Poor Cooper is teething (he has 4 teeth coming in at the same time) so we rocked for almost an hour wrapped up in the blanket.

pottery barn inspired front porch

I had my husband hang some iron pumpkin candles from the ceiling of the porch with rope.  They were from Big Lots.  The welcome mat also was from Big Lots.

pottery barn inspired front porch

I made this container early this summer.  It came with the plant I bought.  The white pumpkin  (and the green and orange one) is from Target.  I simply placed the pumpkin on the grass.  I only planted grass in the front of the container, if you’re looking at the emptiness in the back of the container you’re looking too close! (:

pottery barn inspired front porch

pottery barn inspired front porch

The small multi colored acorns were on sale for 50% off at JoAnn’s, I bought 2 boxes of them.  The orange pumpkin tin is super old bought from a vintage fair forever ago.  I still love it.

pottery barn inspired fall porch

I had an assistant help me take photos after I finished up.

pottery barn fall inspired porch

I may be partial but I think he’s the sweetest and cutest pumpkin on the porch!

Oh and the total cost and breakdown for my Pottery Barn Inspired Front Porch….

Pumpkin Wreath $15.00

Grapevine Wreath $3.00

Pumpkin Garland x3 at $8.00 = $24.00

Autumn Mat = $10.00

Acorns on trees $3.49 x 2 = $6.99

Grapevine lighted pumpkins $14.50 x 2 = $29.00

Large Mercury Owl $9.00

Small Mercury Owl $4.50

Orange Pumpkin  $20.00

Green Pumpkin  $8.00

White Pumpkin  $14.00

Flannel Blanket $19.00

GRAND TOTAL $155.50!!!

I did have a few items like the pillows, the pumpkin tin and plant stands but that’s what you need to do, try and use what you have.

Call me crazy but I think I can live with it not looking like the first photo!

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    1. I love your greens-what are they? and I love that you hung those acorns from them. super inviting porch with that bench and pillows. I wish I had the space to do this.

    1. I love your front porch! Great job! My question is, so you leave everything out, like blanket and pillows and if you do, how do you keep the spiders away? If I would do this, I would have spider webs all over it within a day.

    1. Hi Bobbie! I actually do leave everything out, we have a covered front porch and the elements really don’t get it, I will say I do tend to straighten the porch everyday because I am out there everyday from spring to fall! It literally only takes like 2 minutes!

    1. I love pottery barn too, I know some people say its too mass produced but it’s a look I always end up going back too! Thanks a bunch for stopping by, I hope you’ll come back!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! The greens are just you’re standard shrubs that I picked up at the Home Depot. I picked them because they were the cheapest, about $14.00 a piece and after the fall I’m going to plant them on the side of my house and just trim them up!

    1. Really pretty Laurie! You did a great job doing a budget friendly version of PB 😉 Your punkin is the cutest!

    1. Just absolutely beautiful Fall Porch! Featuring you tomorrow at Tickled Pink Times Two. Thanks for linking up!

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