Vintage Camper (Update)

September 29, 2013

vintage camper restoration

Back in April I told you all about the vintage camper we bought.  Our little project got put on the back burner and it took until now to tell you why.  You know how sometimes a story takes awhile to be funny, well I think my husband can finally look back and think the story is funny.

vintage camper

We worked on the camper for about 3 weeks after we bought it, doing things like giving it a major cleaning, taking out the rotted wood, reworking some of the lighting and wallpapering the ceiling.  At that point we decided to take the camper back to our storage facility because unfortunately our neighborhood doesn’t allow RV’s etc. to be on our property for extended periods.

vintage camper

(Moodboard for camper)

As Drew hitched up the camper I noticed it didn’t lock like my daughter’s grandma’s newer RV locked when she hitched it and pointed this out to my husband and he told me it was because it was old.  So I let it go.  We got into our jeep with the RV hitched up and proceeded to drive the 5 miles to our storage unit, of course taking the back roads because my husband was new to pulling to camper.

vintage camper

Everything was fine until we were literally within sight distance from the storage place and all we had to do was go over the hill and a set of railroad tracks and we were set.  (You know where this is going don’t you?)  Just as Drew started to pull up the hill I heard a pop and as he started to make his way down the tracks I looked to my right and saw our camper right next to me as it went crashing through a farm fence into someone’s yard!

vintage camper

(Wilsonart Laminate White Carrara for countertops)

Immediately I thought it was funny because luckily no one was hurt and only a fence was damaged, my husband of course did not think it was very funny until recently.  It spooked him out pretty badly and it wasn’t until a few weeks ago did he get the courage to start back up on our getaway camper project.

vintage camper(Royal Breeze by Behr – Cabinet Color)

The camper wasn’t damaged except a window that broke so we replaced that and also had the hitch fixed and up to date.

vintage camper

(Lisbon Cork Light GripStrip Resilient Plank Flooring)

I thought I’d share with you some ideas we have for the outside of the camper, our goal is to finish the inside before the end of the year and then paint the outside and get an awning before camping season starts in 2014.

Here is a mock up of our plans for the camper.  We are going to paint the outside ourselves to keep cost down.

vintage camper restoration

We are using Rust-Oleum’s Safety Red, (I love safety red so much I first fell in love with the color when I saw thisRoyal Blue and Gloss White Gloss Paint.  I only did a mock up of the red and blue on the camper so the white will be whiter and we will also paint the wheel covers white too to highlight the silver.

The awning fabric is by Sunbrella and is called manhattan cobalt, I found a really good price for it at Fabrics Central.

I think I really like how the plans are coming together.  I wanted to go with a style that isn’t the typical vintage camper look (which I like) but I wanted to do something outside of the box.

So hopefully there will be no more accidents and I’ll be able to post more regularly on our little vintage camper!!!

Want more camper inspiration check my board out!

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    1. I’m so intrigued!! How fun and some really great pics for your materials! Can’t wait to see the progress and I love the direction it is going in!

      House Envy

    1. Hi Laura! I can’t wait to get this project finished so we can start enjoying it! I know summer just got over but I’m excited for next summer and lots of time at Lake Michigan!!! (:

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