Design Trends (Fashion and Interior)

October 2, 2013

design trends

One of my favorite things to do is compare fashion trends with interior design trends.  Have you ever notice how they match up?  Look at these examples!  It’s crazy how quickly the interior design world keeps up with fashion trends now!  Here are 5 big trends that are happening now.  Honestly, I love them all!

1.    GRAY

design trends

Phillip Lim

design trends


Gray has been popular for awhile now and I’m still not sick of it, my house has a lot of gray in it and I’m planning on incorporating even more.   Cooper’s room is my favorite use of the color gray!


design trends


design trends

I feel like I may be a long lost Kardashian (Have you seen their homes?) because I freakin’ love the black and white trend!  Need proof then look at my home tour!  I feel like the only reason there is any color besides black and white is because my husband and daughter insist on it!


design trends

Forever 21

design trends

Better Homes and Gardens

Cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors and reminds me of my kitchen in my first house.  It was cobalt blue and white with blue willow and flow blue plates on the wall.  I could kick myself for selling all my flow blue!!


design trends

Marc by Marc Jacobs

design trends


I love a good pattern don’t you?


design trends

Rag & Bone

design trends


I love color blocking especially when it’s the use of one color but different shades.  It takes me back to my color theory classes.

So I have to ask to you follow design trends?  Either or?  Do you plan to incorporate any of these?  Tell me I’d love to know!

Want more inspiration check out my design trends from 2012.  It’s sorta neat to compare!

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