Neutral Bathroom (Who Knew It Would Be This Hard!)

October 8, 2013

neutral bathroom

My master bathroom is neutral and as I’m starting on my little makeover I’ve decided it’s going to stay neutral.  Yes a neutral bathroom, wow I’m crazy wild right!  The problem I’m having is picking that neutral color.

I’m giving myself 6 weeks to give my master bathroom a little face lift.  It really needs new tile, a new shower and a surround around the tub but for now some paint, a rug and some new mirrors and lighting are going to have to do.  My tiles are off white which has me wondering what color I should paint the bathroom.

Maybe white…

neutral bathroom

(Pinterest – No Source*)

I’m eventually going to replace the tile with white subway tile and white flooring and I do like the idea of having a white bathroom.

Gray is another option…

neutral bathroom

(Pinterest – No Source*)

I feel like the gray would go with the off white tiles right now and also the white tiles once they are installed.  I also love gray although I think I’d go a shade lighter than the above photo.

My last option is of course beige or off white…

neutral bathroom

(Pinterest – No Source*)

The off white would look great with my current tiles and would be a nice contrast with the white tiles.

All 3 would work I’m just not sure which color to go with.  I’d love to hear your opinion, what color do you like best?  I’m leaning towards a color any guesses?

You can also see more bathroom inspiration by clicking here!  You’ll easily see my design style by my pins!  You can also go to your pinterest boards too, you might be surprised at how clear your design style is!!  I also have a fun quiz on my facebook page if your curious to find out what your design style is!

*If anyone knows the direct source to the photos I’ve pinned please let me know so I can correctly source them.  Unfortunately when I click the link on Pinterest only the photo shows up and it does not go to a site.


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    1. I love a neutral bathroom- i think there is something clean and fresh about it. Can’t wait to see before and afters 🙂

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