Vintage Camper Makeover (A Little Update)

October 14, 2013

vintage camper

vintage camper

We’ve slowly been making some headway on our vintage camper so I’d thought I’d share what we’ve done so far.  I always hesitate to share these posts with you because face it they’re not that pretty.  But I think most of you know that to get to the pretty after photos you have to get dirty and right now we’re still in the dirty part of the makeover.

Our plan is to try to get all the structural things done before winter so I’m ready to have fun and decorate the inside of the camper next spring while Drew paints the outside of the camper.

First up was the ceiling.  I think most of the ceilings in these vintage campers are pretty cruddy.  Structurally things were sound so we decided to buy textured wallpaper and wallpaper the ceiling. It’s thicker wallpaper and it went up pretty easy with both of us doing it.  We also covered the seams of the wallpaper with strips of wood.  The next step is to prime and paint the ceiling.

vintage camper

We decided to get rid of the bench in the back of the RV and replace it with a twin bed.  The bench just wasn’t very comfortable and even though we’re losing space it’s about comfort for us.  We removed the wood and have replaced it with braces and larger particle board.

bed rv

A twin bed will now fit perfectly and will be comfortable enough to sit on during the day as a sofa and comfortable at night for sleeping.  We’re planing on constructing some storage for the bottom to hold sheet and blankets.

Another thing we decided to get rid of was the closet and to make a television cabinet in the space instead.  Let me explain something to you guys, we’re not roughing it kind of campers.  We camp because it’s a way to getaway and to relax.  My husband travels and works a ton and I work from home and for the most part I’m primarily responsible for the kids so camping is a way to slow down.  We love watching movies and don’t do it a lot but when we camp we pull out movies we love and watch them as a family.

rv television

The doors have been removed and a piece of particle board has been laid across the middle where the television will sit.

As far as our clothes while we camp we all have a laundry basket with our clothes that we keep in the back of our car.  We keep all our clothes in the car so it won’t clutter up the space.  We stay at campgrounds with very nice bathroom facilities and we tend to only use our bathroom in the middle of the night.

On a fun and pretty note we installed some lighting we had to purchase because the original lighting wasn’t working and we needed a little light in the space while we worked on it and we wanted to make sure new lighting was going to work and it wasn’t a bigger problem.  Luckily the lighting worked!

vintage camper

Our next step is ordering the laminate for the countertop and replacing the sink and the refrigerator that isn’t working.  I’ll make sure to let you all know how that goes!

If you’d like to start from the beginning of our little adventure you can start here.

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    1. I love that new light fixture! The camper reminds me a bit of my parents’ Wilderness camper that we used to vacation in (I think it was a ’78 or ’79 model). They took such good care of it but remodeling sounds fun too! I can’t wait for more updates 🙂

    1. I love that you commented on the only pretty thing the camper has going for it currently!!! I can’t wait to start decorating it!

    1. Hola, esta apunto de vencer el contrato de alquiler del dpto. en que vivo y la inmobiliaria me pide un 6% de comision sobre los 24 meses del proximo contrato. esto es correcto? pueden pedirme semejante porcentaje siendo solo una renovacion de contrato?

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