White Towels vs. Colorful Towels

October 16, 2013

white towels

I have bathrooms on the brain lately because I’ve been working on my master bathroom for the One Room Challenge.  This week I was making a list of odds and ends needed for my bathroom and while I was looking at hooks to hang our towels on my mind went to what sort of towels to buy.

So the big question is white towels or colorful towels?

For years I only used white towels for all my bathrooms.  It was so easy and many of the white towels I owned did not match and 1 or 2 (ok maybe more than that) may have come from nice hotels.

white towels

(Apartment Therapy)

I love mismatched white towels, especially patterned and textured white towels.

white towels

(Better Homes and Garden)

White towels are easy too!  No separating, no figuring out which towel goes to what bath.  They all go into the wash together in one swoop with a little bleach and they come up looking nice and clean!

white towels

(No source)

There is something so spa like and clean about a white towel in the bathroom!

When I moved into our current house I decided to buck the conventional only use white towels in the bathroom and got crazy with the colored and patterned towels. (Yea I’m wild like that!)

colorful towels

(House Beautiful)

Colorful towels are a great way to add color into a neutral bathroom.  It’s a easy way to change a room too without spending a lot of money.

colorful towels

(Architectural Digest)

Some parents swear by assigning their child a towel in their own color.  It’s a great way to keep tabs on whose throwing their towel on the floor!

colorful towels

(Colorful Bathrooms)

Some people like colorful towels because they hide dirt better too.

So I have to ask what side of the fence are you on?  Do you prefer all white towels are pretty colorful towels?

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