One Room Challenge (Week 3)

October 17, 2013

one room challenge

It’s the One Room Challenge time again!!!  Why is it when you’re waiting for Christmas morning or to have your baby time seems to drag so slowly but when you’re trying to decorate your bathroom in 6 weeks it goes by in record speed?

Life is pretty crazy at the moment we’re getting ready to host a super amazing first birthday for Cooper this weekend so most of my time has been spent making sure his party will be lots of fun!  Anyways…

Still not any pretty photos to show you but I did manage to prime the whole room and order a few items online so I’ll share with you some money savings tips when ordering home stuff online.

one room challenge

First up is Rugs USA.  I’ve ordered a few rugs from them like this one.  This is the one I ordered for my master bathroom.  It’s called Homespun Trellis.  I tend to be a little more

one room challenge

They almost always have their rugs on sale but the big discounts seem to happen during the holidays, even Columbus Day!  So I scored this rug for 65% off!  If you register with them they will email me when and how much their discounts are, I almost always pop over when it’s 50-65% off.

Next up is Wayfair.  This purchase wasn’t as pretty as the rug but have sorta become a weird obsession of mine lately.  I ordered a black toilet seat!  (weirdoooo right!)

one room challenge

Their prices are really great and the seat was way cheaper than Home Depot or Lowes and if you are ordering something from them for the first time and pay an additional $10.00 all your deliveries from them are free for a year.  I ordered this on Monday and it was delivered by Tuesday!

I also did some local shopping at some of my favorite antique stores to pick up some fun pieces but I’m going to wait until the final reveal to show them to you.  Antique, thrift and garage sales are great places to shop for unique pieces!

I still have so much to do like pull the trigger and purchase the lighting and find 2 round mirrors and buy towel bars and towels (white ones)!

Next week I’m hoping to show you the finished vanity and my solution to the big window with the light I don’t want to lose!

If you’d like to catch up on my other posts you can click here or the right side bar ORC button!  Also make sure to check out the other links for the One Room Challenge, the easiest way to do it is to head over to Calling it Home.


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    1. black is always classy. my buns wouldn’t mind staying classy there. 😉 can’t wait to see everything painted! and love the rug!

    1. I don’t think the black toilet seat is weird at all – it’s fabulous!

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