My Most Important Design Rule

October 21, 2013

important design rule

People ask me a lot how do I pull a room together, do I have any secrets.  I don’t have any secrets and there’s nothing magical to it but I do have an important design rule…use something that is sentimental to you, even if it makes no sense to anyone else.

important design rule

This space is on my main floor next to the half bathroom.  I found the piano bench at a thrift store.  I love the legs.  I decided not to paint it and leave it as is.  Sometimes things are better left untouched even if it’s not perfect.

important design rule

Any guesses what I’d grab (besides my babies) if there was a fire in my home?

important design rule

This box of rocks is the first thing I’d grab!  The box is actually an old drawer that was left discarded at an auction I attended awhile back.  I love it, there are hand-written numbers & letters written inside it and I can’t help but wonder what used to be stored in this drawer.

The rocks are from New Buffalo, MI.  I have been taking my daughter and now my daughter and son to Lake Michigan every year for a week’s summer vacation since they’ve been born.  Sloan loves picking up a few rocks from the beach everytime we go.  This summer we picked out a rock for Cooper.

Everytime I look at this box I think about some of the best times I’ve had with my children and to me that will always be more important than some fancy and expensive piece of furniture!

Do you use items that might make no sense to some people if they saw them?  Do you use items that are sentimental to you in your home decor?  What is your most important design rule?


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