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October 28, 2013


Lately I’ve been focusing on my style (both in the home and the way I dress).  This week I’m talking about my home and today I’m talking about monograms.  While working on my master bathroom for the One Room Challenge, I have found myself wondering is this something I really love or is it something I recently saw in a magazine or blog that looks good in that particular setting and it got me excited?  (Yes I get excited when I see a beautiful space!)  My problem is I appreciate good design regardless if it’s my style, meaning I end up making a lot of decorating mistakes because I buy something because it looked good in someone else’s space.  (I won’t go into my uber modern bedroom from a few years ago!)

Naturally there are things I’m drawn to time and time again and recently I put together a little inspiration board of everything that I unconditionally love and it has really helped keep me on track but before we get to the board I thought I’d break it down for you and show you elements that never get old for me.

First up monograms.  It can be one letter, 3 letters, the full name, it doesn’t matter I love all of it.

In the kitchen…


(Source Unknown)

In the bathroom…


(Anna Burke)

In the bedroom…


(Life in Grace)

Or in the living room…



I seem to like all types of fonts, large, small it doesn’t matter.  There probably is some sort of monogram in every room of our house!  Are you a fan of monograms and letters used as design elements?

Along with sharing 4 design elements I love for my home this week I’m also going to add 4 new blogs to my link tab.  Most are not new to me, they are just new to the blog so make sure to check them out if you haven’t already!

First up is Cassie from Primitive & Proper.  Love her style and the girl can paint a mean piece of furniture!

primitive & proper

You can read about the transformation of the desk here.

Happy Monday peeps!

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    1. I was wondering where the orange frame duvet/shams are from… love them!

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