My Design Style (The Color Black)

October 29, 2013

the color black

They say if you want to know what your favorite color is then step inside (or open up) your closet.  This is so true in my case because hands down 80% of everything I wear is black.  I also love the color black in my home.  I add the color black to every room in my home even if it’s only in small doses, I feel like it grounds the room, makes it look a little more grown up and little more elegant.

Seriously, I love it in the kitchen…(oh and don’t get me started on the floors!)

the color black

(Tommy Smythe – One of my favorite designers)

In the bathroom…(black grout…how I love you!)

the color black

(Decor Pad)

In the bedroom…(black and white stripes, yes please!)

the color black

(House Beautiful)

and last but not least the color black in the living room…(small touches go a long way!)

the color black

(Elle Decor)

Here are some other examples of my design style.

As I mentioned yesterday I am adding a new blog to my link list everyday and my blogger of the day is  Stacey of Design Addict Mom, I am seriously in love with her style (home and fashion) and she probably has 2 of the cutest boys I’ve ever seen!  Oh and seriously if you spell the word color…colour you’ve hooked me!

design addict mom

(Design Addict Mom)

I love everything about this photo, simple and cool, oh and she used the color black too!

So do you use black in your home, love it or hate it?  What’s your favorite color?  Does your closet reflect the color you love most?

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    1. i used to not like black… at all. i painted a dresser black and tried it on for size and it had to go. suddenly, i love it! good think i am allowed to change my mind!

    1. I was the same way, I never painted anything black, always white now it’s the total opposite!

    1. Awww, you know I’m busting my ass off with this one room challenge but I came by for a quick visit then I saw that you had replied to my response on your texture post. Anyway, here I am looking at your Tuesday’s post:-). You are too kind! Yeah, we were occupied by the British before we earned our independence so we speak the British English, hence colour, neighbour, etc:-). I hope you’re room is coming along great! I seriously could use a babysitter:-)

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    1. John you move people in a powerful way! That blog post made me feel like I was just coming out of the Major again! You already sound like one of the PC! I’m sure that you will be one of the very next ones! I’m proud to be associated with a powerful servant leader like yourself!God Bless! Go Team Wisconsin!!!! KCB

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