My Design Style (Texture)

My Design Style (Texture)

Texture is probably my favorite element in design.  I’ve dabbled in trying to use lots of colors in my home, for example in my home office and I’ve even gotten a lot of compliments on the room but here’s a little secret, I’ve never really loved the room and I’m ready to change it so I feel more comfortable in the space and it’s more my style.

I’m not crazy for a lot of color in my home but I do love a lot of patterns and a lot of texture.  It’s my way of warming up a space and making it feel more cozy.  I feel like it makes the space more lived in and like it’s been put together over time.

In the kitchen…


(Source unknown via Pinterest)

Baskets and stripes and even the ceiling helps warm this space up in this kitchen with it’s play on texture.  Those light fixtures are amazing, actually perfection in my eyes!

In the bathroom…


(Atlanta Homes)

Obviously there isn’t a lot of color in this bathroom but just the use of the rug brings a great element of texture to the room don’t you think?  Sometimes a little goes a long way!

In the bedroom…


(Image unknown via Pinterest)

I love so much about this bedroom.  In this bedroom the lampshade and furry pillow, the linen and the beautiful wood!  Again subtle uses of texture but it warms up the room immensely!  Yea this room may just be a jumping off point for my bedroom after I finish our master bathroom!

In the living room…


My favorite use in this living room???  Any guesses??  The bamboo shades the Thrifty Decor Chick uses in her family room.  Bamboo shades are my go to and I’ve used them in practically every room in my home.  Instant texture!  Instant coziness!!

So if you want to warm up a room just add a little texture, some wood that’s not been painted and is beautifully stained, baskets, nubby blankets, linen, fluffy fur, burlap, just give it a try, I promise you it’ll instantly warm up your space!

Want to see what else I’m loving?  You can read about it here and here.

Ok and now onto my blogger of the day…

It’s Chelsea from Two Twenty One.  She’s young, super talented and super, super funny.  Have you seen her office makeover?  It’s sooo freakin’ pretty!!  Go check her out if you haven’t already!!

two twenty one

Two Twenty One

Tomorrow I’ll be taking a break from my design style to show off my progress with The One Room Challenge!  (Time slow down!!!)

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  1. Well, I’m an avid a colour lover:-), but I love these spaces. The textures from the materials and accessories do add depth and warmth. Really love that bedroom!

    1. I love color too but for some reason it doesn’t translate into my home if that makes sense, I had to smile at your comment though, if you read my post from Tuesday you’ll understand why! (;

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