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November 1, 2013

sentimental decorating

Sentimental decorating is my favorite of the design style posts I have written about this week.  In my mind it’s truly what makes your house into a home.  It doesn’t have to match, it doesn’t have to be perfect or expensive but I guarantee if you use items that evokes or memory or meaning to you it will be your favorite item in your space.

In the kitchen…

sentimental decorating

(The Farmers Nest)

I absolutely love the idea of framing recipes that have been handed down from your mother or grandmother and having them in the kitchen on display so you can always be reminded of a favorite dish, a holiday with family or just the person themselves!

The bathroom…

sentimental decorating

How about using seashells you’ve collected at the beach in your bathroom?  They make great holders for your jewelry, especially items you wear everyday and you don’t feel like putting in your jewelry box.  You could also put them in shadow boxes or use them to hold decorative soaps.  I think it’s a great way to add some texture into a space too!  (Another design style I love!)

In the bedroom…

sentimental decorating


In this photo not only are seashells used, jewelry is used as part of the design of the room.  What a great way to put your favorite jewelry on display so you can enjoy it everyday!  You can also show off a piece that perhaps your grandmother gave you!  I feel like if there is a piece that has meaning to you regardless of what it is find a way to display it or use it!

In the living room…

sentimental decorating

(Pure Style Home)

My favorite use of sentimental decorating?  Kids artwork, especially when it’s grouped together in a large group.  Anything used in a large collection always looks better in my opinion.  The artwork can be easily swapped out and rotated too!  Children love seeing it displayed and friends and family that visit you like to see it to!  It makes your house lived in filled with happy memories!

Do you use personal items with sentimental meaning in your home?  What’s your favorite thing to use?  Next week I’ll show you all how I use all four styles in my house.

The Color Black


Monograms &

Sentimental Decorating

The last of the bloggers I’m featuring this week is Gabbi of Retro Ranch Reno.

Seriously look at her bathroom!  I mean whose progress photo looks this awesome!  I love checking in and seeing what she’s done to her house!

retro ranch reno

(Retro Ranch Reno)

We’re taking Cooper out for a little trick or treating tonight (Indy’s Halloween was moved to Friday.) He’s obviously too young for candy but he’s not to young to dress up cute and be shown off to friends!  Have a great weekend!!

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    1. I totally agree with Cassie, Gabbi is awesome and sweet.
      I love decorating with sentimental items too!

    1. I’m pretty sentimental, and so is my decorating! I agree… it definitely makes a house a home. I’d rather look at something that has special meaning to me 🙂 Hope you had fun trick-or-treating!!

    1. I love this post! Each room in my house is sentimental in some way. I did a similar one using the things I have done in my home but my head is all abuzz wondering where those handwritten recipies are and how fast I can get them on the wall.

    1. Thanks Kerry! I’m such a big believer in using items that mean something in a home, even if it means going with an empty space! Thanks for stopping by!

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