One Room Challenge – The Master Bathroom Reveal

The master bathroom reveal!!  Today is finally the day.  I’m not going to bore you with a bunch of words today I’m going to let the photos (be warned there’s a lot of them!) speak for themselves.

I want to also thank Linda from Calling it Home for hosting the One Room Challenge!  It was super fun, even if I was asking myself what the heck did I get myself into more than a few times.  I’m so glad I followed through and finally got this room done!

This is the before…(I can’t believe I lived so long with those blue cabinets!)

master bathroom reveal

I’ll be back tomorrow with the words and to let you know all about the resources like paint color and fabrics.

The during…

bathroom reveal

I will say this, nothing was changed in our master bathroom except the mirror and lighting, it was strictly a cosmetic makeover and I have to admit I’m so happy with how it turned out I might even put off ripping out the tile, floor and shower for awhile!

The After!!!

master bathroom reveal

master bathroom reveal

master bathroom reveal

master bathroom reveal


master bathroom reveal

master bathroom reveal

master bathroom reveal

master bathroom reveal

master bathroom reveal

master bathroom reveal

master bathroom reveal

master bathroom reveal

master bathroom reveal

master bathroom reveal

master bathroom reveal

I told you there were a lot of photos!  I finished up just under the wire and go figure it rained all day and the light wasn’t the best but hey I finished!!

Please make sure to stop by tomorrow and I’ll share with you how I got this room put together!

Make sure to stop by Calling it Home to check out the other participants!

Not sick of bathrooms yet?  I have lots of inspiration here!

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Responses to One Room Challenge – The Master Bathroom Reveal

  1. cassie says:

    amazing, laurie! i love the new rug and love the warmth! beautiful!

  2. Fresh and clean and modern! So very you!! Well done lady!

  3. What can i say…it’s FABulous. I’ll be pinning for inspiration. Just perfect…well done!!

  4. Stacey says:

    You’ve curated a very elegant, but still cozy space that oozes warmth. Fabulous job! Love your meticulous attention to details!

  5. I hope you don’t mind, I will be featuring your space in a ORC wrap-up on my blog tomm!

  6. Melissa says:

    Could you tell me where you got your rug? I love your room and would like to copy your choice, thanks so much.

  7. Kimber says:

    Looks very pretty! Well done.

  8. Wow! What a transformation! Love the vanity (although I liked the blue too). This looks so warm and up to date! Fantastic job!

  9. Looks very rich! Love the rug paired with the new cabinets!

  10. Looks like we did the same type of makeover – using what we have. You did a great job on this bathroom! Love that little chair and the rug is wonderful! Nice work!

  11. Elisa says:

    Looks great!! Love the vanity color with the rug, And that little chair is just perfect for in there!

  12. At first I was thinking, that cabinet color is not bad…but after you had it painted….WOW! What a difference paint and hardware can you. You also did some amazing styling. I think this looks great and would not bother with the tile. Lovely.

  13. Such a beautiful room! It looks like a spa! Love the rug!

  14. Laura says:

    This looks so awesome!! Love the dark cabinets! It feels very warm and love all the contrast and texture!! Great reveal! Love the baby bath toy in the mix too:) gotta be real right?!

    • Laurie says:

      Thanks Laura! I’m glad you noticed Cooper’s baby toys! I don’t know what I’m going to do when he gets bigger and actually wants to play and I need to buy more toys. Maybe just a bigger silver dish! lol!

  15. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    It looks amazing. I love everything and how you staged it. So warm and inviting. Just gorgeous!

  16. I’ve got major bathroom envy – it’s beautiful! I need to makeover the cabinets in my daughters’ bathroom so I’ll be looking for your tutorial to see how you redid your beauties!!

  17. Vel says:

    I knew this space would look fabulous! Wonderful job Laurie! Love the black accents and of course the styling – perfect! CHEERS!

  18. jo says:

    What a nice makeover, I love the paint color on the walls. can you please share what brand and color you used.. thanks

  19. sherry hart says:

    OK…at first I thought….”I don’t mind those blue cabinets”…..but then I saw the after and wowza! Great cosmetic makeover! It looks so much better. Love the styling and your photography was great. Well done!

  20. Nancy says:

    Great job Laurie. Beautiful feel in there and love the shelves, rug, vanity…everything! enjoy.
    xo Nancy

  21. Jessica says:

    What a transformation! The befores weren’t bad, but the afters are great! Love it all, especially the accessories that you chose.

  22. Your bathroom looks great – love the dark painted cabinets, those mirrors and the new light fixtures. The wall paint look great against the dark brown and I love that rug. Great Job!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  23. Kim Macumber says:

    I have to say, I didn’t mind the blue either … but then the transformation! WOW! Love how warm and inviting and the wood shelf over the bathtub … perfect!! I hope you get the opportunity to get in that tub and relax soon! xo

  24. Carrie says:

    Absolutely stunning! I have to admit I could have lived pretty happily with the blue “before” cabinets, but WOW to your transformation! My absolute favorite part, though, is the bath toys; totally made me smile to see how you incorporated those. :)

  25. You have done such a wonderful job. I love the round mirrors and the lighting but I think the bath toys in the old silver loving cup is my favorite! Great space!!

  26. What a big difference the framed mirrors make! I am loving the idea of the simple piece of wood to go across the tub! May have to use that myself! Great job!!


  27. Is it okay that I sort of like the blue cabinets? With a different wall color, they could be pretty! (says the one with a blue bathroom vanity!)

  28. Caryn says:

    Love the paint color! Can you share the brand and color name?

  29. Oh, it turned out so beautifully! It has such a modern and yet calming and relaxed feel about it. I would happily spend some time here! I saw your bathroom on AT’s Best of 2014! Congrats!

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