Christmas Chalkboard Art

November 22, 2013

christmas chalkboard art

I have long been a fan of chalkboard art and one of my favorite chalkboard artist Valerie McKeehan of Lily and Val and when I came across some of her Christmas chalkboard art I got super excited.  I even ordered some cute holiday note cards!

So the other night I wasn’t able to sleep and I was feeling like I should get a jump on some Christmas decorating and I remembered I had some leftover plywood signage from when I was making Subway art for a local store.  I remembered it because my husband was trying to throw it away and I’m like nooo I’m totally going to make something with it.  (I had to save face basically!)

I decided to make some Christmas Chalkboard art and use one of Lily and Val’s work as inspiration.  Mine didn’t turn out half as pretty as her work but for my home and for the first time doing it I’m pretty darn proud of myself!

christmas chalkboard art

Like I said it’s just a large sheet of plywood I bought at Lowes and had them cut itto the size I wanted.  I primed it with Kilz and painted 3 coats of black latex paint.

christmas chalkboard art

I used a jumbo bistro chalk marker I purchased at Hobby Lobby (using my coupon of course) for the lettering.

christmas chalkboard art

The branches came from my yard (aren’t they neat!)  The vase is actually just a white vase and I used black electrical tape to make the stripes.  This tape is awesome, if you mess up it easily comes off and also when you’re done using it, just tear it off and there’s no residue!  The little lights are from Restoration Hardware.

I’m excited to start the rest of my Christmas decorating next week, what about you?  Also just a reminder if you plan on using another artist work as inspiration do not turn around and sell it as your own, although in my case I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t claim it as hers regardless how proud I am of my first attempt!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

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    1. I love it! I have a chalk pen. I have been meaning to do a fall chalkboard in the dining room but have put it off so long that I should go ahead and do a winter one. I prefer to have my hubby do it as he can draw much better than me.

    1. Some sort of chalk sign would look perfect in your house Jen!!! I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!!

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