The Finished Malm Occasional Table Hack (aka Sloan’s desk)

November 26, 2013

malm occasional table hack

I can’t believe I forgot to post the follow up to Sloan’s malm occasional table hack or the makeshift desk for her newly re-decorated bedroom!  It’s nothing earth shattering but I promised to post about it so here it is in all it’s glory!

A reminder of the before…

malm occasional table hack

Basically it was a hodge podge of Ikea furniture, sorta where unused Ikea furniture came to die.  My daughter wanted 2 chairs because she wanted seating for her friends.  To unify the look of the two chairs I sprayed the metal gold and the plastic green (the same color as her bed.

Here’s the after…

malm occasional table hack

The front of the desk has snakeskin duct tape on it!  I like how it plays off the green chairs!   The photo collage above the desk is just a large ugly painting that I covered up with all her photos.  Evidently at 15 your friends are pretty much your life and her friends look at this collage every single time they come over and talk about what was happening when the photos were taken.  Sometimes it’s not about great design, it’s about a great conversation piece!

The front of the bookcase is painted with metallic paint and then with chalkboard paint.(When using metallic paint make sure you apply 3-4 very thin coats rather than 2 heavy coats, for some reason the magnets adhere better.)

malm occasional table hack

Anyone spy anything from Wrist Soiree in this shot?

malm occasional table hack

Sloan’s not so much into organization so baskets work great in her room, they may not be organized but the clutter is hidden from mom and off the floor!

malm occasional table hack

Not bad for pieces that didn’t match or belong and were headed for the dumpster!

If you’d like to see the rest of the room please feel free to click here!

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