The Christmas Mantel

December 2, 2013

christmas mantle

I started my Christmas decorating  yesterday and my fireplace is always one of my most favorite things to decorate.  I tend to be a less is more when it comes to holiday decorating and I feel like the Christmas mantel is the easiest ways to make my living room look festive without having to fill the living room with tons of trinkets.

I’m almost done with my Christmas mantel for this year but to hold you over here’s what it looked like last year.

christmas mantle

To read more about it you can click here.

christmas mantle

I even won a little contest that you can read about here.

christmas mantle

Last year I didn’t have time to get my stockings properly monogrammed and I loved the idea I came up with even more.  I’m excited to show you my stockings this year!  (Small changes to your stockings can help you not grow tired of them and get a few more years use out of them!)  I decided not to get the stockings permanently monogrammed so I could change the stockings out and extend the life of them.

Here are a few other Christmas mantels that I’m loving!!!  Not only do I love all 3 of this mantels, the designers are some of my favorite holiday diy’ers!

christmas mantel

Country Living – Eddie Ross

christmas mantel

Matthew Mead – Centsational Girl

christmas mantel

Houzz – Dear Lillie

Want more Christmas decorating inspiration?  I have lots (like I have a problem lots) just head on over to my Christmas Pinterest board.

Make sure you come back I’ll be posting this years Christmas mantel next!  I may have put a sneak peek of the mantel on instagram if you can’t wait!

Is anyone finished decorating?  More important make me feel better tell me you haven’t even started yet!


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    1. No joke I found it at the Goodwill outlet for $7.00 and it’s one of my favorite things in my home!

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