It Turns Out Simple Can Be Hard Work

December 4, 2013

We’ve been non-stop since Thanksgiving and to be honest the other day I felt a little anxiety setting in.  As I was putting away the Thanksgiving decorations and getting out the Christmas decorations I felt completely overwhelmed with the amount of stuff we’ve accumulated.  I’m pretty good at keeping my home clutter free but the decorations for the holidays have gotten away from me.

I feel behind in my Christmas decorating, I’m seeing so many pretty home tours up on everyone’s blogs.  I’d been stuck for days, bins and junk everywhere and I felt like I wasn’t making any headway, I felt weighted down by my stuff.

Last night I’d had enough and ran to Target and bought 2 bins and once I got home I was a woman on a mission.  I stopped thinking so much and started filling up the bins.  I can’t tell you how many items haven’t been used in years.  I would think to myself that I’d use it next year or that I couldn’t get rid of something because so and so bought it for me.

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Well…next year never came and I can bet you good money that the person that bought me that so called meaningful decoration probably doesn’t even remember gifting it to me.  I had to remind myself if I’m not using something and enjoying it, it’s really only taking up space and bringing clutter into my life.  My taste changes quickly so I made the decision if I didn’t put it out this year I was getting rid of it for good.

I decided I was going to use lots of natural materials this year to decorate my house, like pinecones and smaller trees and greenery.  I’m constantly amazed at the beauty of nature and my love for it grows stronger the older I get.  As a family we also have decided to scale way back and only buy a few meaningful gifts (want, need & read) and instead make a really great breakfast and dinner and spend the day watching our favorite holiday movies.  I struggled with this decision because as a mom I want to give my kids everything and there is the need to keep up with others but honestly my daughter probably couldn’t tell you what she got last year but remembers playing games as a family every Christmas Eve, watching Elf on Christmas day and hanging out in our Christmas pjs that she gets to open on Christmas Eve.  It’s the traditions that matter and the people you celebrate them with.

I’m almost done getting the house ready for Christmas and it’s taking me twice as long to do it.  In addition to getting rid of a ton of holiday decorations I also packed away a lot of my everyday stuff so the house wouldn’t feel so crowded and I wouldn’t have the urge to undecorate the house on December 26th because I couldn’t take the clutter anymore.

I had a bunch of projects planned for December and although I’m going to do a few of them I’ve decided to spend more time this month enjoying just being with my family and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

Am I the only one feeling this way this year?  Are you simplifying this year or do you love the hustle and bustle of the holidays?


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    1. Nope you aren’t the only one! I feel the same way.
      And I hate putting things out that I received as a gift and that I don’t really like. I stopped doing that a long time ago. I totally agree that if it doesn’t make me happy, it’s out the door 😉

      Have fun spending time with your family! Happy Holidays!

    1. You are not alone. I had a bunch of stuff that was given to me that has since found a new home. We prefer the quiet family time as well. Enjoy that family time. 🙂

    1. Definitely culling out the less loved décor this year! And you know someone else will really love it! I am glad to be donating items and feeling the joy of what I have. Great post!

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