What’s Your Christmas Style?

December 6, 2013

christmas style

If you follow me on instagram you know that I’ve finished up with my Christmas decorating and you also know that it’s been especially dreary in Indianapolis and I haven’t been able to take any good photos to show you my home all decked out for the holidays.  So instead of a home tour this week I thought I’d ask you all what is your Christmas style.

Is it traditional?  Maybe red and green?

christmas style

Better Homes & Gardens

Do you stick with only one color like red?

christmas style

Pinterest (no link back to original source)

Or maybe a White Christmas?

christmas style

Williams Sonoma

I know gold and silver is especially popular this year is anyone doing that?

christmas style

Velvet Moon Diaries

Or maybe completely non-traditional with one of your favorite colors?

christmas style

Dust Jacket Diaries

Is your Christmas decorating simple?

christmas style

Or do you go completely over the top??

christmas style

(Regina Gust)

As I mentioned earlier this week I threw away a ton of stuff and decided to use greenery and other natural elements so my Christmas style is definitely more of a natural Christmas vibe this year.

christmas style

(Home Depot)

Is it bad I really like all the style I talked about?  I really need to be mega rich so I can have lots of homes and decorate them in all the style I like!

Have you finished Christmas decorating yet?  What’s your Christmas decorating style?  Any tips on taking photos in a dark house because the sun won’t shine, so I can show you all my house before Christmas?

I’m hoping to spend a lot of time in front of the fireplace drinking hot chocolate and if the snow isn’t too bad maybe even a date night with my man this weekend!  December is flying by at record speed, anyone else notice that?  I remember as a little girl December 25th took forevvvveeerrrr to come!  Oh well have a fun weekend!  See ya back on Monday!!

xo L

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    1. i used to like to have a lot more, and now i am kind of choosing just a bit and i love the feel so much more! of course there are some things that i just have to put out! 🙂

    1. Hi Laurie. It has been dreary here too, in WI. And obscenely cold (-25F). I don’t have a ton of Christmas decor. I do have a small collection of Santa’s. I have 5 different ones and a Mrs. Claus, tree decor which is pretty traditional—cranberry colored red with cream and gold and small bit of green. I have a snow village from Dept. 56. I throw some garland on our railing going up the stairs and wreath on the door and call it done. Storage is an issue for anymore than that.

    1. I love all these decorating ideas. I like all of them! They all have that magical feeling. Overall I’m pretty traditional so red and gold….but then for my tablescape I really like to change and every year I experiment. Thanks so much for your comment on my guest post on Friday over at The Little Black door. I love your blog btw and look forward to reading more.

    1. I painted a lot of things white in our house this year so I’m trying to do more white decorations with silver, gold, and crystal. On the other hand I love rustic things like old wool blankets thrown over the couch, pinecones on the mantle, packages tied with twine… We’re going to have a “rustic glam” look I guess but not too fussy.

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