Christmas Home Tour (2013)

December 9, 2013

christmas home tour

christmas home tour

Welcome to my 2013 Christmas Home Tour!  Now that the decorations are organized, donated and put out I’ve been enjoying them especially after I put the baby to bed.  I light the candles and sit in front of the fireplace and Christmas tree.  I think white Christmas lights should stay up all year round!

Today I’m showing you my foyer and living room. (The links to the rest of the house are at the bottom.)  I’ll be back later this week to show you the dining room and front porch.  I hope you enjoy it!  I kept it simple and didn’t buy too much this year except greenery.

christmas home tour

I found this large frame at the Goodwill outlet and I sprayed it silver.  I attached a berry wreath I bought from Target years ago with a black and white ribbon, to go with my black and white vase.

christmas home tour

The garland for the stairs was purchased from Home Depot, the red and white string from Target and I decorated the clothes pins with black and white polka washi tape.  Now hopefully we’ll get a few Christmas cards to string up to the staircase!

christmas home tour

Now onto the living room, I know that was fast right!?  (I told you I’m keeping it simple!)

christmas home tour

The small tree is from Home Depot.  The log nut holder is from Goodwill.  I love it so much, it reminds me of my grandpa and the holidays!

christmas home tour

I wrapped the tree in burlap and tied it with twine and filled the bottom of the tree with sparkly pinecones to hid the dirt.

christmas home tour

Wanna know the difference between baby boys and girls?  My daughter never touched any thing on my coffee table, my son wants to touch everything and although I’m of the school to NOT take everything off the table I will say there have been lots of lessons on what can be touched!

christmas home tour

I just used a bunch of the left over greenery and threw it in an everyday vase.  You don’t have to use “Christmas” stuff to decorate for Christmas.

christmas home tour

I had plans on painting the tips with white paint and glitter and then I remembered I had no desire to do that and they look great just as they are, maybe next year though.

christmas home tour

I moved my chalkboard sign above the fireplace.  I used glass containers and filled them with pinecones.  The candleholders I hung on the wall are wood sconces I found at Goodwill and sprayed them with oil bronzed paint.

christmas home tour

Glade evergreen candle, pinecones in a brass bowl I found at Goodwill…BAM done!

christmas home tour

What’s Christmas without antlers and a disco ball?

christmas home tour

christmas home tour

I bought some twine letters from Target to attach to our stockings and put my spin on them by drawing lines/dots on them, heaven forbid I leave anything plain.

This is the first year where I’m really happy with how the house turned out, I’m so happy I edited!  Super cozy and comfy!  Make sure you come back this week to see the rest of the house!

The dining room at Christmas this year.

The front porch at Christmas this year.

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    1. he he! my antlers are decorated, too- mine will be up thursday! LOVE everything love the staircase!

    1. Love, love, love! I always hang an ornament on my antlers too. Well, I have two boys so my christmas decorating may not even make it on the blog. Lil Ian especially just wants to get into everything!:-)

    1. Ha! I love your comment about antlers and a disco ball. I just posted pics of some of my Christmas decor, and what’s one of my favorite things about it… my antler and disco ball vignette!
      Beautiful decorations here, love ’em all!!

    1. In love with you mantle the most Laurie, everything is perfect though!!!! ENJOY!

    1. I’m getting caught up from The Nester’s Christmas Tour.

      Loved your comments about the difference between boys and girls when it comes to touching things…
      …however, when I was a child (and maybe even now at 67), I had to touch EVERYTHING! And I was always attracted to shiny things. I was always getting separated from Mom when shopping but she always knew where to find me: at the costume jewelry counter.

      Loved your Christmas home; my favorite is the speckled vase with the greenery, feathers, and red berries.

    1. UHpKG2 Really appreciate you sharing this post.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

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