Christmas Home Tour (The Dining Room)

December 11, 2013

christmas home tour

Welcome back to my Christmas Home Tour.  Today I’m showing off my dining room.  The living room and the dining room are really the only spaces I really decorated this year.  I also did a little on the front porch and the kid’s room but so I’ll just show those off later this week but it’s not too much.  Anyway, here’s the dining room.

You can click here for a reminder of what it looked like last year.

This year I used mostly what I already had.  The runner is from Williams Sonoma.  My husband bought it for me a few years ago.  I love it.

christmas home tour

I used a lot of greenery again in the dining room.  I think the key to using greenery is buying the ordinary or plain stuff from Lowe’s or Home Depot and then go to a local nursery to buy the pretty stuff, like the berries or the special greenery, then you can mix the two together.

christmas home tour

The wreath on the dining room sideboard was used on my front porch for fall.

christmas home tour

High and low people, napkins and runner from William Sonoma, antler candlesticks are from West Elm, napkin rings from Target and the dishes are from Walmart.

christmas home tour

christmas home tour

I used items I use everyday too like the vase in the center and the burlap runner.

christmas home tour

I love this grapevine deer head, I may keep him after Christmas before getting rid of him before next Christmas.

christmas home tour

My sideboard is my favorite area of the dining room this Christmas.  As you can see there are more deers!  (Collections grouped together make a bigger impact and anything under a globe looks more expensive than what it really is!)  I found the ceramic church at the Goodwill on half off day so I think I paid a dollar for it.  It was dingy so I cleaned it up with a magic eraser and then sprayed it with white primer spray paint to give it a flat finish.  I put it on one of my cake stands to elevate it and give the vignette some depth.

So that’s the dining room I hoped you enjoyed it!  I’ve been busy looking at about a million blogs this week at everyone’s pretty holiday decor.  I’m pinning my favorite on my Pinterest Christmas board and I’m also sharing some on my Facebook page if you’re interested!

You can see my living room here!  You can also click the Holiday Decorating photo on the right and get all my Christmas posts!

I’ll be back this week to finish up the Christmas tour!  I also have a quick project to show off unrelated to Christmas for those of you that are done with all the tours!

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    1. Your home is brimming with ideas, inspirations and lots of love! Love it all Laurie!

    1. It looks wonderful Laurie!! I love all the little touches you added to your living room and dining.

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