The Wicker Chair (and my poor husband!)

December 13, 2013

wicker chair

It’s no secret I love a good piece of painted furniture but within the last year I’ve learned to embrace wood and have been slowly incorporated more and more into my home.

I’ve been wanted to make some changes to my little office, which actually includes replacing some furniture but while I was out thrifting a few weeks ago I ran across this chair for $7.00 and it reminded me of this.

wicker chair

I’ve never been happy with my office desk chair because it didn’t fit into the desk when I tried to push it in and it just didn’t look right. So I thought this wicker chair would be a nice solution until I got around to making bigger changes to the office.

I picked up this spotted black and white fabric from JoAnn’s (using a 50% off coupon).  It “sorta” reminded me of this.

wicker chair

The chair was super easy to upholster.  I just unscrewed the 5 screws holding the seat into place and just put the fabric over the existing fabric and used my power stapler and stapled it in place.  It took like 5 minutes, like wrapping a present.

wicker chair

Once I finished it up I brought it upstairs and asked my husband what he thought of my new chair, which is almost diy, I made sure to get the best tips from  He immediately asked what color are you going to paint it?  I quickly said what do you mean paint it?  (Yea cause that’s such a crazy question Laurie!)  The poor guy can’t keep up with my taste or my ever changing design taste!!

wicker chair

Anyone else a paint lover whose being drawn to wood lately?

I’m off for the day finishing off a few cool projects in the making (fingers crossed) and then to Chicago for the weekend to see the city lit up for the holidays!  Have a great weekend!!

xo L


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    1. haha! my husband asks me that all the time, too and i am loving the look of wood tones now, too! 🙂 love the chair- the fabric is perfect!

    1. I remember when I painted the kitchen white, a neighbor came by and asked if it was primer and what colour I was going to paint the walls. I now have an accent wall, but because I am such a colour lover, it shocked quite a number of people that I went the white route. So I get why your hubby thought you would automatically paint the chair. Though I paint almost everything, I still have a number as is wooden pieces that I love. The chair is quite lovely with the fabric,

    1. I am with you on being drawn to wood tones. I am not sure if it is because I like them or I am tired of painting? That desk looks fantastic with that chair.

    1. I love paint just as much as the next gal, but I’m drawn to paint on certain types of furniture, others not so much. This chair is could be gorgeous with or without paint, but I am definitely diggn’ the wood tone. 🙂

    1. What is the name of the red paint you used on the desk? A real beautiful job!

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