Mixing High and Low (Everyone Does It!)

January 20, 2014

mixing high and low

Mixing high and low is a trick I think everyone who is interested in interior design does.  When you incorporate items that don’t cost a lot of money it makes it easier to switch things up and change things out without the guilt.

mixing high and low

This was my dining room a few months ago and when I posted the pictures I felt pretty happy with the room but of course knew I wanted to add a few things.

One thing was to add something to the wall where the wicker bowl I purchased from West Elm.  (It is no longer for sale.)  It cost $30.00, not much at all  but buying a few more bowls would bring the cost up to $90.00 and that wasn’t something I was willing to spend on.

Let me say this I sometimes have no rhyme or reason for how much I spend on items when I decorate my house.  People have lots of rules on what you should spend money on like a couch or a mattress or window treatments or pillows, but personally I try and ask myself how long do I think I’ll love it for, how long will I want it, will it stand the test of time, will I feel guilty for the amount I spent on it.  I really think what you spend in your home is just a personal decision.

Anyways I was out thrifting (shocking) and found a similar wicker piece but smaller like my West Elm piece but put it away because I wasn’t ready to put it on the wall.  (I do have a rule about even and odd numbers-I like odd numbers) No joke about 6 weeks later I found another wicker piece and snagged that one up too!  The cost for both…$4.00!

mixing high and low

I like that they are similar to the West Elm piece but smaller.  I like the texture the plates bring to the room.

mixing high and low

I like that they match but they don’t.  I like the element of mixing high and low.

mixing high and low

The Take Away of Mixing High and Low

Mixing high and low it doesn’t mean a $3,000.00 piece with a $100.00 piece, it can mean cheaper and even cheaper too!!

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