Deep Thoughts on Blogging

February 3, 2014

deep thoughts on blogging

I’ve been having some deep thoughts on blogging lately.  Did you know on August 31, 2009 I wrote my first blog post.  There were no photos on that first post but  I remember being so excited to get started documenting my design journeys.

I had no Facebook page for my blog,  I don’t think I had a twitter account yet, no instagram, no google plus and the big one no pinterest.  I had no clue how to take a photo.  I didn’t care how many followers I had, I truly was writing the blog for me and because I enjoyed it, it was like my virtual diary/photo album.


(Don’t you love the blurred edges and hello fancy coffee styling…not!)

Things have changed so much since I first started.  It seems to be all about the numbers, how many page views, returning visits, how many followers on all the social media sites, making your images “pin worthy”.  It’s about working with brands, getting advertisers to help pay for the projects that need to be continually churned out and then explaining to your readers why you have ads on your site or why 10 different blogs are talking about the same brand at one time or hosting the same giveaway.  As much as none of us what to admit it the authenticity is becoming harder and harder to come by.

When I started blogging I knew nothing about SEO or the right time to post, or how many times I needed to post or about linking up my projects to other sites to increase my traffic.

Now its about certain brands wanting bloggers to talk about their product for free and the bloggers who accept no compensation because they want the exposure but aren’t seeing the big picture that their time is worth money and aren’t moving the blogging movement forward.


(Senechal Design)

Luckily, it’s also about some great brands who do great things too, they see bloggers as a powerful force and work hand in hand with bloggers and some really authentic content is being produced and the shape of advertising is changing.  I honestly love seeing products being used in “real homes.”

It’s about readers who want projects that cost $1.00 that look like they came from Pottery Barn and there are readers who hate the $1.00 projects.  Basically it’s super easy to get caught up in what makes other people happy.

deep thoughts on blogging

There are so many questions I have thought about since I started blogging like why do certain blogs do better than others?  Sometimes I believe it’s timing, some blogs had the edge because they got onto the blogging bus before everyone else did, sometimes its because people are truly mad talented.  I don’t think there is a week that goes by that I don’t discover a new design/decor blog and think why has it taken me so long to find this great blog!! Some have applied all the blogging rules (SEO’s, scheduled posts, a beautiful clean site, etc. and it worked for them.  I’m baffled that the there can be basically the same post on a project on 2 blogs on one get 150 comments and the other one getting 1.  There are times I feel like the comments are even contrived and left at a popular site just to drive the person’s commenting traffic.  (Are you really commenting that you are the first one to comment?)

There have been some great posts about Pinterest and on the positive side of it, it’s brought so many  readers to my blog, the negative side is my comments on my blog have gone wayyy down even though my numbers have gone wayyy up.  It makes me wonder do people only want to see pretty pictures and not read my content?  Don’t I need good and lengthy content to get seo ratings?  (And when did all this matter to me?)

The other day I read about a blogger who was excited because she had 10,000 followers on Pinterest and one of her rules to gain followers were to pin what she thought people liked even if she didn’t like it.  I gotta say I don’t get this tip?

Another challenge to blogging is dealing with negative comments.  A perfect example is my bathroom that was recently published on Apartment Therapy.

deep thoughts on blogging

Anyone whose been blogging long enough knows having your work on AT is going to have to be prepared for their readers sometimes snarky comments.  In all honestly the feature means a million times more than the bad comments and I know it’s better to ignore the nasty comments but it makes me sad to know there are people in the world that honestly have nothing nice to say and feel it’s their right to spew nastiness.

My thoughts on comments, unless someone is asking for opinions your comments should be nice, I also think it’s you’re right to hate the space lean over to your husband or wife and say I really hate this room and then click to your next read!  Seriously I can’t imagine anyone walking into someone’s home and telling them what they hate about it.

Negativity on social media is my #1 downer, I hate it and it makes me sick to my stomach.  I will never understand with the million things you can say to another person the only thing you can think of is something hurtful.

My passion is design, it has been since I was a little girl but I’m burned out, burned out from pretty images, homes looking very similar, projects being unoriginal and copied and basically just information overload.  And the kicker is I’m guilty of all of the things I’m complaining about.

I’ve gotten burnt out with a certain amount of posts I need to write or projects I need to finish, I feel like the process of making a house a home is becoming a bit of a chore.  I feel the need to step back and to breath.  I don’t want to do a project because I need to do a post, I want to do a project because it brings me joy.

deep thoughts on blogging

(A very joyous project – Cooper’s Nursery)

What does all this mean?  I’m not sure, I love blogging but maybe I might not post as frequently, maybe it means stepping away from reading as many blogs as I do. I need to get back to the basics.  I’ve made a commitment to focus more on me this year and perhaps it’s also time for me to focus more on making my home beautiful for my family and not so much a great photo that will get a thousand likes on pinterest.


I want to learn to take better photos, it’s the one thing I’ve enjoyed most with writing a blog and I already have plans on taking a few classes like this one.

I also want to tweak my decorating and change things up around my house and that’s going to take time.


Eventually, I really want to open a small store, I love finding treasures, I love painting forgotten pieces and I love consulting with people on how to make their home more an expression of them so I have lots of plans in the works.

deep thoughts on blogging

With new plans on the horizon I also know I want to enjoy my time more with my children too, Sloan is in 10th grade and will be leaving for college sooner than later and Cooper has gone from crawling to running in a blink of an eye.  I absolutely love Emily’s recent post on The Joy of Learning Contentment!!

So I’m asking for your patience while I figure things out, like I said I’m not going anywhere I’ve just decided to break the “blogging rules” and do it my way.

Your best bet is to follow me on bloglovin so when I do post you’ll know it and let’s face it I’d hate for you to forget about me!  I’ll also continue to instagram because I sorta love it, and lets face it, I don’t need to write a 300 word post on a gold gumball machine!

So let me ask you, do you see the changes I have noticed and if so how are you dealing with them?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my deep thoughts!!!!



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    1. I’ve noticed a lot of people, myself included, kind of pulling back from posting as much. While it’s sad as a reader, I totally understand. It’s hard to constantly come up with new content! Especially when life seems to be the same for a while.

      You also talked about negativity on social media. I’m 20, my generation was the first to grow up with technology and I think it’s screwing us over. It’s ridiculous how mean people can be on the internet. It’s sad. Name calling is the worst. Some days, I wish they’d turn the internet off for a while so we’d stop.

      Also, I just want to say, your bathroom looks awesome 🙂

    1. i have been thrown onto the coals of AT as well- i don’t mind though…. just feel sorry for the haters!
      and i know how you are feeling… i think we all feel it sometimes, and to me, and i think to you, too, it’s important to be authentic and to share what you LOVE, your passions…. not share because it will get pins.

    1. Loved reading this post Laura. Authenticity is number one for me, and lately I feel like it’s been hard to come by in the blog world. The only constant in life is change and I can’t say that the change I’ve noticed is the good kind. I honestly have no clue what SEO is, I don’t know how many page views per day/week/month I receive, I could give a flip about the way Pinterest “works”, and I don’t post about it unless it’s relevant to me. That probably makes me a bad blogger, but I’m ok with that. I don’t seek to have 1 million unfulfilled readers, is rather have 20 that come back bc they feel a connection to me and what I’m writing about. I hope to see a much more of that makes it’s way back into the blogging world soon.

    1. If it makes you feel any better, I have no idea what the “rules” of blogging are. I used to worry that I had no clue what I was doing, but it can burn a person out to try and compete in the wide world of blogging. It’s so vast and competitive, so I’ve accepted that I just need to stick to me, and do me. I work full time and blog for fun, so I wasn’t about to let the blog stress me out like work did. It’s my outlet, and I’m trying to keep it as relaxed and carefree. That also means, I’m not going to stress about how many times I post/when I’m posting…and I’ll certainly only post when I have content to…no filler stuff to keep readership up. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts…it’s nice to know we are all in this together! 🙂

    1. Your home is so pretty! Love this post! I don’t pay attention to “rules” of blogging.. only ftc disclosures and no-follow links! I write what I want because I started writing for ME, no one else!

    1. I love your projects!! I don’t know why anyone would say negative things about them……..people are whinnos!

    1. I sometimes have a lot of the same thoughts. “Why is this blog so popular? The content really is meh.” “Why isn’t this blog more popular? The content is WONDERFUL” And it seems like brands that use to love to work with bloggers are starting to get behind the “Numbers! Numbers! Numbers!” bandwagon 🙁

    1. I try not to get bummed out about the negative, not that I have the traffic to generate much of it anyway, but it is disappointing to have someone squish something you worked so hard on. I wish we were all just nicer to each other and remember than everyone is doing this blogging thing for different reasons.

    1. I’ve been blogging for 3 years, and I’ve definitely seen shifts happen … some good, some not so good.

    1. It’s amazing how people are SO willing to post negative comments on the internet, since there is little accountability! I have seen it increase even in the time I’ve been blogging 🙁 I try to ignore it, it’s their problem not mine!

    1. Negativity is no fun, but I think it is important to put yourself out there. You gained at least one brand new reader/follower (me!) through the Apartment Therapy post. Sometimes I think you have to take the risk to get the reward. I’m sure it’s hard to make yourself vulnerable but I am glad that you did!

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