Sentimental Toy Box (Favorite type of decorating!)

March 3, 2014

sentimental toy box

My favorite word when decorating is without a doubt is sentimental.  If you use something with meaning in your design I can promise you, it will outlast that pillow you picked up from the big box store!

Back in October when we had Cooper’s first birthday party my dad gave me my old toy box I had as a girl.  I’d forgotten about it but as soon as I saw it, I remember lots of memories of emptying out the toy box and hiding inside of it.  I love that he gave me the toy box so I could use it for Cooper’s room.

toy box before

Cooper is 16 months old now and he’s starting to play so much more.  He loves cars, dump trucks and garbage trucks.  I don’t know if it’s because he’s my last baby but I feel like I’m guilty of buying him more toys than I did for my daughter (sorry Sloan)!!  In my defense my daughter didn’t take a huge interest in toys she seriously loved books and even played with them.

So as Coop gets older I need more space for his stuff and decided to start working to make a fun place for him to play in his closet and his new toy box is going to look great in there!

I gave a little sneak peek on instagram of what I was up to when I started the makeover.

sentimental toy box

I picked up some wooden letters to put on his toy box and painted them a custom blue and ultra pure white paint by Behr.  (Behr Premium Plus Ultra, Stain-Blocking Paint & Primer in One)

sentimental toy box

Here is the label for the custom blue paint I had Home Depot mix for me.  The color is from a pillow I’d purchased from Land of Nod about a year ago.

sentimental toy box

The after isn’t perfect, the toy box is old, part of it is wood and part of it is particle board so I did the best I could.

Sentimental Toy Box

sentimental toy box

Cooper is very happy with his new toy box and has already been inside of it and sat on top of it!  (about 100 times)

sentimental toy box

There’s been a few more changes to his room that I’m excited to show you so stay tuned!!

One more thing, I thought I’d start sharing great ideas, rooms, etc. with you everytime I do my own post, I read and research so much and I love sharing what I find!!  So while researching some organization for kids room I ran across this nursery that I totally fell in love with!  It is so good!!

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    1. Love the two-toned toy box. You are good girl! I live in Indiana too, but about an hour away from Indy. My tastes are a bit more traditional than yours (I blame that on being a Hoosier and also being older than you), but enjoy your fresh take on things. Am glad that your “break” didn’t last long b/c I enjoy seeing what you come up with!

    1. I love what you did to your old toy box for your son! You did a fantastic job making it over. I love the idea. 🙂

    1. Very cute and nostalgic! I also love making older pieces look new again and giving them to my children!

    1. This looks really great, you did such a good job! And the sentimental value is huge. Love it.

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