Organizing Cooper’s Closet – One Project at a Time

March 5, 2014

baby closet organization

Earlier this week I mentioned that my son is 16 months old and that things are changing around here.  He’s much more active and he’s acquiring alot more stuff!  So I’ve been making some changes to his closet, like putting his newly finished toy box in there and organizing some other things too.

Baby Closet Organization

baby closet organization

(The Before)

Am I the only one who has a husband who never seems to know where anything is?  To make things easier for him (who am I kidding I did it in hopes he wouldn’t ask me where something was) I decided to buy some plastic bins from the Dollar Store so I can store some of Cooper’s things.

The things I have the most of are clothes that Cooper’s outgrown (once the 2 bins are full I donate them) diapers & wipes (I buy in bulk) and a smaller bin for his shoes.

I made some labels by just pulling an image of stars from the internet (Cooper is obsessed with stars in a major way) and then pulled up the image on PicMonkey and added test to it.  Once I made the label I printed them, cut them to the size and then laminated it.

baby closet organization

I simply used 2 sided Command Poster Strips to attach the label to the bins.

baby closet organization

The whole project cost about $15.00.  I had everything but the bins.  Organizing doesn’t have to be expensive and I’m fairly certain that even when Cooper has outgrown his diapers I’ll find other uses for the bins and can easily make new labels!

baby closet organization

Today’s one of those posts where it’s not this super wow sort of project, it’s pretty simple, the photos could be better.  (Taking photos in a closet is hard people!)  However, I think it’s the little things like this  that makes a house more functional and in turn makes it more of a home!

baby closet organization

Speaking of dark closet photos I decided to start taking this online photo course this week!  Photography is a hobby I never thought I’d enjoy as much as I have but I do!

If you’re interested in photography I also have collected quite a lot of information on my Pinterest board labeled Camera.

How do you organize your kids things?  I’m always up for new ideas!

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    1. The bins look great. Completely agree that the closet is not a good place to take photos. I’ve been trying to post my closet update for over 6 months but never like how the photos turn out.

    1. I wish Rae’s closet looked this empty. her closet is a catch all for everything else. There is wrapping paper, all board games etc… Thanks for the tips!

    1. Love what you did! Been meaning to do something similar to keep our family and our stuff organized and more accessible. Thanks for the inspiration! Love how you customized the labels!

    1. It’s important to start early with kids and organizing their stuff. My sister-in-law didn’t do that with my niece and now my niece just throws her clothes EVERYWHERE.

    1. What a great closet you little guy has, and those labels are so adorable and useful!

    1. That’s so awesome that you organized the closet! And those labels are super cute too!

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