Going with the Flow

March 14, 2014

going with the flow

If there is one thing I’ve learned from having children is you have to sometimes just go with the flow. I maybe making a gender stereotype here but my daughter and son have been completely different as babies. No joke I probably could’ve lit 10000 candles all over the floor and Sloan would’ve never even looked at them. Cooper however would stomach dive across the floor to see how many he could knock over.

Cooper’s room looked like this when he was first born.  You can read about it here.

going with the flow

Cooper is walking running and climbing and is non-stop today is the best day ever so I need to discover every object in my line of sight sorta boy and I love it but I have to really keep my eye on him and make sure everything around him is safe.

Even though the poster above his bed was extremely secure on the wall I didn’t want to take any chances, because if anyone could figure out how to get it down it would be him, so down it came.

During the time I took down the poster Cooper came down with a nasty cold, so I pulled out his humidifier.  Little did I know the excitement that would come from this dorky ugly humidifier that put stars in various color on the ceiling!  To say Cooper was mesmerized is an understatement!


So this little humidifier was the jump off for what I decided to do with the empty wall.  I originally was going to decal the wall but I just wasn’t sure Cooper would try and peel the decals off so I just bought a foam star stencil from Hobby Lobby and randomly stenciled the wall.

It wasn’t enough though (shocker!).  I knew I couldn’t hang anything above the crib but I wanted something there so I decided to paint a chalkboard rectangle so it was sorta like a painting but I can change it out whenever the mood strikes!

going with the flow

It’s so much fun once your baby starts getting excited over things and he loves the stars and point at them every night and he loves his painting too and whenever anyone walks into his room he points to it like he’s showing it off!


I also removed the oversized chair from his room too, but the replacement for the corner hasn’t arrived yet, I can’t wait until it does!

I’m off to a client’s house today to work on another little boy’s room!!!  Have a great weekend!!!


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    1. aaaaw, i love it! the stars are perfect! sawyer has a navy wall with glow in the dark stars and i am mesmerized by it when we turn off the lights! 😉

    1. Your son’s room is so adorable. I love the stars on the wall. So fun that he loves them too. I bet it makes bedtime a bit easier.

    1. Thanks Julia! I came soooo close to ordering your dots for his room but was afraid my little mastermind would find a way to peel them off! He keeps me on my toes!!! The stars were something to add to the wall and wasn’t my first choice but I really like how it turned out!

    1. I love his room and especially the comfy chair. May I ask where you found it?

    1. Love everything! Are the stars on the wall from a stamp? Where did you find it, or did you make it yourself?

    1. Hello Laurie,
      I really love your babies room, its beautiful, where did you get the planet mobile?
      Thank you.x

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