A Teepee for Cooper (From Baby to Toddler!)

March 19, 2014

a teepee for cooper

I’ve been changing things up in Cooper’s room recently and I’m just about done…maybe. It’s funny how one project leads to another. I made over a toy box, organized his closet, painted some stars and a chalkboard painting and yesterday a special present came for my baby boy to help keep him busy!

A Teepee for Cooper!!

It’s no secret I love Land of Nod so I’ve had my eye on their teepee since Cooper was born!  I know alot of people have bought teepees for their little ones sorta like when my daughter was little every kid had this tent from Ikea.  To me this is where memories are made!  I love hearing my daughter and her friends talk about the things they all played with when they were little!

a teepee for cooper

Have I told you all how much I love having a baby boy? I love his energy and his curiosity! I will admit he’s keeping me on my toes, he was a late walker and didn’t fully start walking until about a month and a half ago but already has gotten a black eye, a rug burn on his chin and recently a pretty bad cut on his hand! So keeping him busy, safe and out of trouble is my number one priority!

a teepee for cooper

He loves his teepee! He crawls in it and out of it and wants his sister, daddy and me to crawl in it and out of it too! There is nothing better to see your little one get excited over discovering something new!

a teepee for cooper

I simply put the pillows from the oversized chaise I originally had in the room inside of his teepee. The teepee was super easy to put together, or at least it looked easy when I watched my husband put it together. It took like 10 minutes max.  It may have gone faster but Coop insisted on helping!!

My last project is to organize his bookcase and move onto another room, hopefully the master bedroom! Here’s some bookcase inspiration for you!

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    1. it couldn’t look any better- AMAZING! i want to come play! can you make me a teepee?

    1. I have always thought those teepees are SO cute! My kids were climbers and far too destructive to be trusted with something like the teepees though. PS – I really love the pillows… they would match my new office space SO well!

    1. Oh my how adorable! I never got into the teepee phase for my kids, but I think they would’ve loved this one!

    1. I’m updating our little boys room & noticed your post bc we have the same teepee. I love the star wall and was curious what your paint choices were–both for the room & the star stencils? Also, where did you find the stencil? Thanks bunches & great job on the room!!

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