Updated Artwork for My Teenager Daughter

March 27, 2014

I know I mentioned postings were going to be light but I had to share one last project I finished before we left for Spring Break!

My daughter loves artwork and she’s like her mama and prefers non-store bought artwork. I try and buy her a piece of artwork every year for Christmas. This time I decided to do free artwork though. Here’s a good post on how you can find free artwork!

A few weeks ago Sloan came up to me and said, “Mom, I don’t want to hurt your feelings but can we get rid of the Pez dispenser artwork in my bathroom?” Luckily for her I remember how crushed my mom and dad were when I packed away my bell (yes bells!) collection once I became a teenager and I remember how guilty I felt that they were crushed, so now once Sloan is over a collection I’m happy to jump on board for something new!

Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design posted on instagram some shots she made using the waterlogue app of her daughter’s hair and I immediately thought of a photo I took a few years ago when my daughter was sporting some colorful feathers in her hair. (Do you remember the trend?) It’s one of my favorite pictures of her.


I also decided to print off a quote I found on Pinterest. I know I drive Sloan crazy but I’m constantly talking to her about inspirational quotes.

Stop Making Excuses & Just Do Things is very appropriate for a 15 year old (sophomore in high school) girl!! (Trust me!)

The frames are from Hobby Lobby (50% off) and I used a magenta prismacolor marker to color the small double matting to make the art pop.


The fun thing about having a teenager (yes there are a few fun things) is that I can be a little less serious about decorating and be a little more on trend since my other rooms tend to be a little less color and a little more traditional. I believe your teen’s space should reflect them as much as possible.

I used gold glitter scrapbook paper and a circle and triangle paper punch to decorate the matting. I just used stick glue to attach the scrapbook paper onto the matting.


Her bathroom is almost done, I ordered new knobs for the cabinet, a new rug and I need to trim out the builder’s grade mirror. My husband teases me and says it’ll be done around the time she leaves for college and then it’ll be time to change it out for Cooper!

Here’s some other art on the wall of her bathroom!


I love her bathroom because it reminds me so much of my girl!!


I’m not sure if I’ll post anything next week, I really need to unplug and didn’t even pack my computer for our trip so I’ll see ya all in a week!! I’ll make sure to drink some fruity drinks and soak in some sun for you all!!

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