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August 25, 2014

I know it’s been a few months of silence but after a whirlwind summer I decided to pop in and say hello.  I have missed blogging tremendously but for the reasons why I originally started blogging.  I did not miss worrying about my page views or advertising or throwing out posts just for the sake of posting.  I just missed it and although I don’t plan on posting everyday I do plan on posting a bit more.  I’m just going to try and not get caught up in all the rules and get back to why I love writing in the first place!

front porch

We’ve been enjoying a mild summer with lots of time on the porch.


My flowers and plants have never looked this good in August.

console table

There’s been a lot of repurposing of items already owned.

close up console

I’ve been experimenting with plants.  My motto is if I kill them so be it, so maybe that was the trick because they’ve all been doing great.


Letting go with lots lately has seem to be my motto and I gotta say it’s been working pretty darn good!

front porch

So here’s to caring less and enjoying more!!


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    1. Me too, Laurie 🙂 I’m glad I popped in here today and saw that you are back! I have been going through some of what you are feeling, but hoping to get back to blogging for fun and not because I feel pressured to. Hope you had a great summer, really loving your pretty patio!
      xo, Andrea

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