Small Changes Because Kids Change

September 3, 2014

cooper's tent

My kids rooms probably change more than any other room in our house.  They obviously get older and their wants and needs and likes are always changing.

Here are a few changes I made this summer to Cooper and Sloan’s rooms.

kids rooms

Sloan loves original artwork and we’ve replaced a few pieces on her gallery wall.  I also replaced her pom pom garland for some tissue garland.  I enjoy making changes in her room, my style is a bit more formal so her room is just fun for me to do.

kids bookcase

Cooper loves anything with wheels so a few pieces of silly art found at Target were hung.  The artwork by Lindsey Letters is also new.   I also removed the yellow fabric backing from the bookcase.  Cooper is only 22 months but I love how he always points out anything new that I add to his room.  I am loving this age, he’s so much fun!!!

cooper's tent

Now that he is getting bigger Coop loves to play (all day) and his tent is still his favorite place to be.  He loves reading stories and playing with his teddy bears and of course his cars.  I also added a little dream catcher.

Small changes are my favorite and what makes my home special to me!

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