Inspired by Nature

September 17, 2014

inspired by nature

Although I don’t have much to share lately it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been inspired and what has inspired me most lately is plants, landscaping and flowers.  There is no doubt about it, I’m completely inspired by nature.

The weather was so mild in Indianapolis that I don’t think the city has ever been so green.  I tend to love simple landscaping and I love the hostas in front of this restaurant in Broadripple.


I gather inspiration everywhere and take photos whenever I see something that catches my eye.  My favorite store Haus Love has beautiful containers outside their store!

inspired by nature

inspired by nature

If you follow me on instagram you know I’ve been buying plants left and right and using flowers from our yard and even the fields near us to decorate our home.

inspired by nature

If you live in Indianapolis and haven’t been to The Inventorialist you’re missing out.  Not only do they carry one of a kind pieces there are great and unique plants and flowers and a portion of the proceeds are donated to Keeping Indianapolis Beautiful.

inspire by nature

How can it be fall and you not pick up a few sunflowers?

inspired by nature

This photo was taken over a month ago and my vinca vines are touching the ground now!

inspired by nature

Queen Ann’s lace is one of my favorite flowers ever and because we are surrounded by fields there’s plenty to chose from!

inspired by nature

I’m letting you in on my secret to a cozy home…light some candles, pull some flowers from outside and dim the lights, trust me no one will notice the toys on the dusty floors!

How are you inspired by nature?

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