Shrimp Boil with Friends

September 19, 2014

shrimp boil

I have always wanted to host a shrimp boil and this summer I had an opportunity to do it.  It was super casual and when I came across Edie’s post (Shrimp Boil at the Lake) I realized it would be really easy and cheap (winning!)

I didn’t really fray from the recipe except I served the meal with homemade garlic bread and instead of homemade cocktail sauce I used store bought.  The homemade garlic mayo is to die for so seriously take the time to make it!

My girlfriends asked if they could bring anything and I told them to feel free to bring a favorite beverage.  It’s nice to have choices right?

shrimp boil

Like I mentioned decorating for a party takes precedence to cooking and again even this was easy and cheap. (Do you sense a theme!?)  I shopped the house and used newspapers, lemons that were bought for the meal and cocktails, some mason jars, candles, plates, napkin rings, and placemats.  The only thing I bought were the sunflowers!

shrimp boil

I lit our outdoor fireplace and torches tuned into the Beatles station on Pandora and that was it!

It was seriously one of the easiest dinner parties to get ready for and the most fun.  I met these gals because all their daughter’s play club volleyball and I thank God for them everyday!  These are the type of woman that when you tell them something stupid your kid does they don’t judge you in fact they say, “oh that’s nothing, I can totally beat that story!” It’s so nice to not have a group of friends who are so funny and so accepting and who truly want the best for you and your family!


I can’t wait until the next time we can all get together again!  I think we all need to take more time to do things with meaning.

Well I’m off.. and so excited!!!  I’m going out of town by myself and hanging out with my b/f/f’s! It’s sorta been crazy around the house lately so a little break is just what’s needed!  I hope you all have a great weekend!


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