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October 1, 2014

laurie jones home

First of all I have to thank everyone for all the nice emails, comments and phone calls this week letting me know they liked our camper!  If you knew how much time and work we put into this project!  Before I go into detail on how we did everything  I thought I’d show off the very little bathroom in our vintage camper.

We always camp at State Parks and the biggest reason for that is because their bath houses are always nice.  They are private, very clean, the stalls are super big and there’s lots of hot water.  I have no problem showering in them so a big bathroom wasn’t really important to me, basically I wanted a toilet.

Our bathroom is beyond small, there is a shower in it but it would mean getting the entire bathroom wet if we used it and since I’m about low maintenance lazy the last thing I want to do on a camping trip is clean a sopping wet bathroom.

Let me show you the before…

laurie jones home

It was so bad and so ugly.  We actually didn’t finish the bathroom until after our first camping trip.  We were burnt out and thought we could live with it until next camping season.  Well, I couldn’t wait.  Shocker!

laurie jones home

It’s a temporary fix.  I want to replace the toilet which is unusually high and the outdated metal medicine cabinet and do a wall treatment that’s less trendy. But for now it’s way better than the before!

laurie jones home

I used the same paint as I did throughout the camper.  I placed an indoor outdoor blue piece of carpet inside the shower floor to hide the ugly drain/floor.  I simply strung up a red bandana on the window to add some color.  The decal was like $3.00 at Joann’s Fabric at the end of the summer season.  The towel hook was .50 and I sprayed it red, it was also from Joann’s.  Luckily nautical was big this summer so I scored a lot of great cheap finds because of it.

As I said before the makeover was more about fun than being serious and having a clean and comfy place to relax near the lake!

I promise the next post will be the how to!!  Thanks again!

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    1. Love the camper redo. You have so many great and reasonable ideas. Thanks, Missy O’Connor

    1. Love the camper! We have an old camper very simular to yours and would love to revamp it! Thanks for some inspiration and ideas!

    1. We are refurbishing our son’s vintage camper. Did you replace the walls or were you able to use the existing walls?

    1. Hi,

      I don’t see the follow-up article on the how-to’s and possible overall cost of your camper makeover. Am I missing it? Love the results – it looks like a fun and cozy place to relax.

    1. I have just looked at a camper that is the same brand as yours. I am hoping to redo it and yours is a real inspiration!

    1. I absolutely love your camper re-do!! I would love to do something like this but haven’t been able to convince my husband. Your camper is just the size I would like to have.

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