Christmas Porch 2014

December 2, 2014

Life has been so busy and I suspect with Christmas quickly approaching it’s not going to slow down anytime soon!

We had a great low key Thanksgiving and I was excited to start decorating for Christmas this past Sunday.  Although with all the photos I’m seeing online I already feel like I’m behind and it’s only December 2nd!

I decided to start with my front porch because it was 60 degrees on Sunday making it pretty easy to chose that area first!  My porch is my favorite place to decorate and for the last 2 years I’ve gone with a red and silver theme.  You can read about them by clicking the links below…

Christmas 2012 Porch


Christmas 2013 Porch


Our home gets so much sun and because of it the red ornaments have turned pink so some new decorations were needed.

Some honesty for you all, I love Christmas but am not the biggest fan of the decor choices, they are either too trendy and are only good for a season or they are just too cheesy and cheap looking.  Because of this I like to use mostly greenery with some ornaments that I throw into the mix from a discount store. (Hobby Lobby, Dollar Store, Walmart, Target, etc.)

This years theme is silver and snowflakes!


Trader Joe’s hands down always has the best price for boxwood wreaths.  I grabbed one before Thanksgiving for under $10.00 and just added some snowflakes and bows I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

Laurie Jones Home Christmas Front Porch 2014

I made the black and white sign last year and used it inside and decided to use it outside this year.  I also shopped the house and pulled a few things from the back yard like the lanterns and the dining room (the mini green house).  The logs came from our fire pit in back.  The silver bucket was sorta a funny story, I was in Home Depot and wanted to purchase 2 of them but they were bundled together and some of the packaging was still on them like maybe they hadn’t been merchandised officially on the shelves.  I asked the cashier if they could be sold individually and she scanned them and told me no so I asked how much the bundle of 6 were and she told me $9.00.  I can hardly believe that was the case but she said it was so I jumped on purchasing them thinking I could find uses for them.  (I used 3 on the porch for Christmas!)



The larger silver bucket holding a real mini tree is actually our ice bucket we use in the back during the summer time.  (I’d actually would’ve loved to use the mini tree this way instead!) My favorite item on the porch is my snowflake on the brick.  It’s big and it twinkles!


Do you decorating outside or do you just stick to inside stuff?  Hopefully I’ll have a full reveal of the rest of my Christmas decorating soon, that is if I ever do it, maybe we’ll just celebrate on the front porch this year!

If you want more Christmas decorating ideas there’s some really great examples on my Christmas Pinterest Board!

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