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January 5, 2015

laurie jones home

Last year I made the decision to scale way back on blogging because it just wasn’t working for me anymore and let’s face it I’m just too old and my to do list is way too long to waste time on something that isn’t working (making me happy basically.)  The guilt that came with my decision was not something that I was prepared for.  I felt like I was giving up but the weird thing is I don’t know what I actually was giving up.  One thing I worried about was that I had made some very nice and supportive friends who also blogged about interior design and I thought if I didn’t blog they wouldn’t be my friend anymore (I was wrong).  Mainly, I think I just have a hard time giving up on anything that I set out to do.  But that’s where things get strange because I think I lost sight of what I set out to do with my blog anyways.

quality over quantity

I first started blogging in August 2009 as a way to show my family who doesn’t live near me what I was working around the house.  There were positive and negatives that came with blogging.  I loved how it was a place where I could express my feelings, creativity and where I could write freely.  It became a place where I made new friends who shared the same interests as me. My husband is super supportive but he doesn’t want to talk only about interior design, just like I don’t want to talk only about his hobbies.  (But that’s probably because my hobby is better though, just saying’!)

laurie jones home

(Actual Size of my First Blog Photo…like the fancy blur effect, do you need a magnifying glass to see it?)

What I didn’t like about blogging was how I started to compare myself to others and their work or the pressure I put on myself to come up with an original idea or a brilliant post or create something just for the sake of creating it.  I didn’t like how I was focusing on the number of people reading my post a day or the likes or repins or followers I was getting.  I was so caught up in my stats and looking at them throughout the day it was sorta ridiculous and stupid.  Now I can’t even tell you the last time I looked at my numbers, and really the only time I do is if someone emails me and says they saw my work somewhere besides my blog or if I get way more emails than I normally do in a day.  Is it bad to say I just don’t care how many people read my blog anymore?


Blogging has changed there is no doubt about it, unless you’ve been living under a rock you know John and Sherry of Young House Love decided to step away last year, Jenny from the Little Green Notebook has hinted about not being sure where the direction of her blog is going and Holly from decor8 has been discussing blog trends and slow blogging (something I can get on board with!)

Here’s the thing with so much talk and so much worry I simply think none of this should matter to me personally, I should do it because I love doing it, if I want to post 20 times a day or 20 times a year it doesn’t matter it’s a blog, at the end of the day it’s a blog.

My word of the year last year was PRESENT and for the most part I really focused and think I achieved what I was setting out to do.  My daughter, Sloan is 16 and is a junior in high school and although it is far from easy raising a teen I can genuinely say I still really love spending time with her and try to make our time together count because I know once she leaves for college things will never be the same.  I also have a son, Cooper who just turned 2 and I can’t tell you how many times last year I stopped right in whatever moment I was in to close my eyes and hold him tighter and try to keep that moment in my memory forever because I know time goes too fast and these are really good times.

be here now

I spent the year focusing on organizing our home because it needed it desperately.  (ORGANIZATION TIPS) I’m telling you for years I was so busy churning out project after project it left a lot of clutter and a lot of unwanted stuff in my house leaving me feel depressed and angry with my house.  (Do you get angry at your house?) I still have a lot more organizing and purging to do this year and I hope to share with you how I go about doing it.

I also stopped sweating the small stuff “a bit” more, the toys on the floor don’t bother me like when Sloan was a baby and even Cooper’s need to touch the walls as he goes up the stairs is what it is.  I love that he races his cars down the banister and I love all the glitter left on the table from a night of Sloan making t-shirts with her friends.

laurie jones home

I’m not in a hurry to finish projects for the sake of blogging about them either, it’s more about wanting to work on the house and I plan on doing the same thing this year except I will share a bit more about what I am doing.

Which leads me to my word this year which is EXECUTE!  I am a researcher and a reader to the extreme and I have a hard time pulling the trigger to going forward with decisions because of the fear of making a mistake and although I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop reading and researching because I really do love to learn I am going to start applying what I am learning and taking some more chances.

laurie jones home

My husband and I are also pretty quiet, we are not the type to say much on Facebook or other social outlets and even in our extended family situations we’re usually the ones who tend to not get too involved in things but for people who really know me they know I’m pretty much an open book if you ask me something which doesn’t make sense does it?  I also tend to be a straight shooter, which I know can get me into trouble and make people not like me but at the end of the day those aren’t the people I want in my life and not the people who I want to read my blog so I’m going to try and get a little more real around here too!


(My bedroom is finally done after 1 1/2 years!)

I’m really excited for 2015 and the next few years ahead, there are going to be a lot of changes coming my way and as a Gemini I gotta say I sorta really love new things but since I’ve rambled on long enough I’ll share more with you soon!

I’m looking forward to taking on more clients this year too, it was a good year last year and I hope to expand on it.

So I hope you’ll all come back soon and follow me and watch to see where 2015 takes me!  I’m hoping my new way of looking at my blog and getting back to why I started writing will bring not only me joy but you also!


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    1. I loved reading about your perspective and can relate to so much of it! I think we’d be fun friends in real life 🙂 Glad you’re sticking around. Can’t believe that “baby” is so big!

    1. I so feel the same way about blogging right now and I was afraid what it would mean that I had less time to spend on the computer at the end of last year. I like the slow blogging movement for sure!
      I’m excited for 2015 and what it will bring.

    1. YES, i love this post! it is so similar to mine- we are on the same page! great minds, right? i am really excited to see where this year takes us, and i say where it takes us rather than where we take it on purpose…. i think we are both happy and open as long as we don’t sacrifice real living.

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