Refreshing the Living Room

January 20, 2015

laurie jones home - refreshing the living room

Every year after the Christmas decorations are put away I’m always inspired to change up a few things around the house.  First on my list was finally getting a mirror to fit the size and style of my fireplace!

Laurie Jones Home Refreshing the LIving Room

I’ve  held out for awhile (like 4 years) because I didn’t want to spend alot of money but couldn’t find anything I liked.  The fireplace is tricky, the wall space above the fireplace is not only large but it’s wider than tall and the mantel is extremely narrow, making it hard to fit anything on it.  I got a little Christmas money and decided to finally spend a little more than I normally would.  I’m really at the point in my life (after holding off and thinking it to death) that I’d rather spend more money once than keep replacing a bunch of items I am just living with and not happy with.

Laurie Jones Home - Refreshing the Living Room

I kept the cedar wrapped candle from Pottery Barn I bought for Christmas.  I tend to always keep out a few items I put out during the holidays for the winter months.  I swapped out my old coasters for some different ones that I was actually using in our bedroom.

Laurie Jones Home - Refreshing the Living Room

Laurie Jones Home - Refreshing the Living Room

New pillows are pretty much always a given, I’ll write about my favorites and the ones on this couch in another post!

laurie jones home - refreshing the living room

The wooden beads are from Christmas.  I love them!  The greens are from Trader Joes and for $2.99 are my go to for adding a little life to the house!  They dry nicely and by the time they start to look a little dusty I’ll just pitch ‘em but they smell great for a super long time!


Black candles swapped in for the usual off white ones to cozy things up, lots of books for different heights to show off pretty things.

laurie jones home - refreshing the living room

Really the biggest change?  A super good cleaning, like putting anything glass in the dishwasher, dusting, cleaning windows and floors, seriously top to bottom, it always makes me love my stuff all over again!

Do you make any changes to any rooms after the holidays?  Do you decorate for winter?


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    1. I love the mirror! Where is it from? And I like that the room still looks festive. I usually keep up a lot of my decorations other than the Christmas tree because I just like the lights and color in my home to help get through the rest of the dreary winter. Really, December is just the beginning!

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